Soactive Workout Wishlist

I was on a roll in May and the beginning of June, not necessarily hitting the gym but keeping up with regular exercise, whether it was kettle bells, cardio or a random Youtube workout. As my 6 weeks summer holidays approached you'd think I'd be more keen to get bikini ready but unfortunately the nights out and chilled out evenings meant I've stumbled off the bandwagon. One of the best ways to get motivated for the gym is new sportswear. 
It's quite obvious what my favourite colour is from this post alone and I think some new pink workout gear might convince me to get back into my healthy ways. Although I must say I do like the hints of pink on the top and leggings rather than full blown pink.
With a sport and nutrition enthused boyfriend, and after many conversations, I'm keen to get my hands on a fitness band and the Polar Ft4 looks like a good one. A sports bra is super important for girls, of any size, and even though mine would be mostly covered up I do love the look of this super bright Moving Comfort one!

How do you stay motivated for the gym?
Have you checked out Soactive for some stylish sportswear?

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