New Look, Dotcomgiftshop and FeelUnique Haul

A girly day out for lunch and a trip to the hairdressers all leads to a collective haul from New Look, Dotcomgiftshop and FeelUnique. 

After conversations about what to wear to an interview and a fast approaching 6 week summer holiday it didn't take long for me to be heading to the till in New Look with another Kimono, a simple blush pink cami and a pair of flower embellished flip flops.

All year I've been meaning to buy a new lunch box or bag after being jealous of everyone else's at work. Dotcomgiftshop has some lovely designs of their website but I was always put off by the delivery charges. Who knew Tesco sold Domcomgiftshop products?!

When I was last at the hairdressers we were discussing 2nd (or 3rd) day hair styles and they asked me if I used invisibobbles. They were soon convincing me that the traceless hair rings were a must have but I forgot to buy a set on my way out the door. Instead I hopped onto and tracked down the white set which I thought would work best with my hair. To get free delivery I tried bumping my basket up to £10 and a new BB cream for the summer sounded like a good idea.

Do you ever buy more to avoid delivery charges?
Have you tried the invisibobbles?

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