Invisi Bobble Review

I mentioned in a haul that my hairdresser had recommended Invisi Bobbles to me. She raved about how well they worked in her hair and I was excited to try them out in my hair.

The strange looking bobble makes many claims including,

It is traceless
Avoids headaches
It is caring to the hair
Wearable with all hair types
Bracelet feature

The invisibobble is a "telephone cord" shape which means there is uneven pressure on the hair allowing the hair to be held strongly without being too tight.  I can't dispute this claim. I wore my straightened hair up in a ponytail all day and was able to take it down after at least 12 hours without the usual kink across the back. In fact my hair had no line at all, I was able to wear it straight the next day.

There's nothing worse than a tension headache at the end of the day after wearing your hair up. It wasn't unusual for me to get them if I'd tied my hair too tightly. Thankfully invisibobble doesn't leave me feeling like I've had a facelift and apparently it's all to do with that telephone cord shape.

I'm not sure how caring the invisi bobble is. It doesn't have an metal which is always a good thing and I've not had any issues with them getting stuck in my hair. I do find them a little bit tricky to get out in a rush which can lead to some bits of hair getting pulled out but on the whole it's better for my hair than the cheap hair bobbles I had been using before.

I can't vouch for it being wearable with all hair types but I'd imagine my long thick hair would be one of the most testing. I can wear my hair in a ponytail, messy bun, neat bun and even fishtail braid this the invisibobble. 
I disagree with the "bracelet feature" claim, I wouldn't be walking around claiming my invisi bobble is the next stylish bracelet, and it certainly doesn't compete with loom bands. It is a water resistant and strong hair bobble, however, and darn good at its job!

Have you tried Invisi Bobbles? 

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