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House of Fraser Festival Hair

House of Fraser has a festival hair challenge on their blog just now and I thought I'd get involved. For me festival hair is all about the pleats and flowers so I've created a look for Friday, Saturday and Sunday to keep my hair looking festival ready.

Right now my fringe is growing out so that would be the biggest problem when it came to being at a festival with no shower or straighteners. So my day 1 hairstyle is all about getting it out of my face and under control for the whole weekend. I started off by straightening my hair with my ghd eclipse using a product like Aveda Smooth Infusion to protect from hair damage and to keep the sleek straight style in place all day. I did a french braid starting from  my parting and the base of my fringe, right down the side of my face. Add in a flower head band and I'm festival ready.
Onto day 2 and my second day straight hair is good with a bit of dry shampoo at the roots and some Adeva Dry Remedy Oil to hydrate dry end. To help control any flyaway or unruly hair I've added in another pleat. This time I've created a plait band across the back of my head holding down my sleek straight hair. This 'hair crown' has replaced my flowers and keeps fringe under control for another day of music and partying.
Last day of a festival and it's time to get a full hair pleat. My favourite kind of pleat is a fishtail braid so it was an obvious choice for me. Another spritz of dry shampoo will get rid of any oily roots and add a bit of volume. Rather than taking out my original plait (and risking frizzy lion hair) I added it into my braid creating quite a chunky, messy looking fishtail.

What products are your must haves for a festival?
Have you entered the House of Fraser Challenge?

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