Fake Bake Tanning Body Butter Review

I'm so used to trying out different fake tans but they're always mousses, sprays and lotions. I've never used a tanning body butter before, in fact I'd never even heard of it until I spotted this little product on the hairtrade website. Fake Bake holds its own in the fake tan industry and is known as being one of the best alongside St Tropez and Xen Tan so I was looking forward to trying out a new style of product and another brand.

The tub is a good size and comes with a handy pair of gloves. A squeeze tub would be easier to use and stop wastage but on a whole the packaging isn't bad. I found the latex gloves took a bit longer to apply the body butter than using a tanning mitt as there's a bit of resistance. I think I'll be sticking to a tanning mitt in future.

A fake tan can always be judged on scent. My first reaction to this body butter was it smelt like toffee. During the application and after the first few hours it actually smelt good but by the end of the day the sweet smell disappeared and I was left smelling the typical biscuity scent. 

The guide colour was quite red and I found it a little bit hard to see compared to other fake tans. I'd just recommend taking your time and being methodical to make sure you don't miss any bits. I was quite happy with the colour and coverage after a few hours. It didn't all disappear after a shower and I didn't have any dry dodgy patches. No complaints with this butter!

A good fake tan for pale skin, dry skin and people with a bit more time for a glow.

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