Clean & Clear Truly Gentle Review

Clean & Clear® Truly Gentle 3-in-1 Facial Wipes effectively and gently remove impurities and makeup, whilst the skin–loving, mineral enriched and alcohol-free formula helps to keep skin soft and nourished! Our new formula removes even waterproof mascara but is still gentle enough for sensitive skin.
I'm well aware that makeup wipes are not considered to be the best way of removing makeup or cleansing the skin but when it comes to after a night out it's much better to use a wipe than leave it all on over night, right?

I have dry, sensitive skin that can feel instantly tight and dehydrated after using skin care products or hot water so it's important for me that products that claim to be for sensitive skin are exactly that.

June was a month of nights out and so it was the perfect month for trying out these new makeup wipes, and I even used them on nights I was too tired after my school trip or job applications. Each time that I skipped my cleanser and toner routine I only had to use one wipe to really feel like my makeup was gone. The wipe ended up looking very orange and black but seemed to do a good job of getting all my mascara and face makeup off. Afterwards my skin felt quite soft, not at all tight and almost felt like I could go without moisturiser. For the sake of my skin I always did apply a moisturiser afterwards but I think people with normal skin would benefit enough from the 'nourishing' effects.

The pack contains 25 wipes and the pack has kept each one feeling moist, so far. I'd be quite happy to add these to my skincare routine and use a quick, gentle cleanser or toner afterwards for added reassurance. They're definitely convenient without running the risk of irritated, red skin as a consequence.

Are you anti-makeup wipes?
Is it better to use a makeup wipe than leave your makeup on all night?
Do makeup wipes appear in your routine followed by cleanser?

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