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June/July Empties

You can tell from the picture that I used every last bit! I didn't want this concealer to run out because it's amazing but also rather pricey. I reviewed it years ago when I first started using it and may be tempted to buy it again when my boi-ing samples have been all used up too.

Unfortunately this isn't strictly an empty product. This was my favourite nail colour last summer and at the start of June when I was getting my toes sandal ready I headed for this polish and it was all dried up. Even adding some nail varnish remover didn't work so I'm left with a 3/4 full bottle that can't be used. 

I bought this toner on Fragrance Direct because it was cheap but I hadn't heard anything about it. It's not very easy to get hold of and seems to be discontinued. It was an average product, quite handy but nothing impressive.

This product didn't seem to last very long but it was quite a good concealer/highlighter. I didn't use it daily, I preferred it for a 'full face' for a night out. I bought this pretty cheap from a random makeup stall and if I can come across it again I'd probably buy it.

Arran Aromatics After the Rain Shower Gel
I got this shower gel in a set for my birthday and was really quite impressed by the quality and scent. After the Rain was so fresh smelling and was a nice thick shower gel. It lasted for quite a long time and I'm tempted to look into other Arran Aromatics products.

Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara
Another product that's been reviewed. I liked using this on a daily basis as it wasn't too over the top but did a good job at making my lashes look long and dark. I would buy They're Real over this mascara but I wouldn't say no to getting my hands on the sample size again.

Pantene Repair and Protect Shampoo
I've bought this shampoo many times before. It's one of those products that I just buy in the supermarket as it suits my hair, is a good price and lets be honest is convenient. I'm not sure when I'll be buying this next because I bought a huge bottle of Joico shampoo from TK Maxx which should be lasting me a good few months.

I did a review of this recently and you can see how badly the tub shattered in the picture. TRESemme read my review and were kind enough to send me a replacement tub which I was rather impressed by. I'm quite looking forward to using this conditioner again.

Wish, Want, Need: Click Fragrance

When an email landed in my inbox about Click Fragrance I couldn't believe I'd never seen the site before. The website sells brand name fragrances, skin care, cosmetics and hair care products at affordable and discount prices. Typically these sorts of websites have quite old products, often ones that have been rebranded or discontinued, but I was taken aback by the range of products. The brands available were so impressive and the 3 perfume brands that jumped out at me were Marc Jacobs, Victor & Rolf and Jimmy Choo. 

What's your favourite designer perfume brand?
When you go on a website like Click Fragrance what do you look at first?

House of Fraser Festival Hair

House of Fraser has a festival hair challenge on their blog just now and I thought I'd get involved. For me festival hair is all about the pleats and flowers so I've created a look for Friday, Saturday and Sunday to keep my hair looking festival ready.

Right now my fringe is growing out so that would be the biggest problem when it came to being at a festival with no shower or straighteners. So my day 1 hairstyle is all about getting it out of my face and under control for the whole weekend. I started off by straightening my hair with my ghd eclipse using a product like Aveda Smooth Infusion to protect from hair damage and to keep the sleek straight style in place all day. I did a french braid starting from  my parting and the base of my fringe, right down the side of my face. Add in a flower head band and I'm festival ready.
Onto day 2 and my second day straight hair is good with a bit of dry shampoo at the roots and some Adeva Dry Remedy Oil to hydrate dry end. To help control any flyaway or unruly hair I've added in another pleat. This time I've created a plait band across the back of my head holding down my sleek straight hair. This 'hair crown' has replaced my flowers and keeps fringe under control for another day of music and partying.
Last day of a festival and it's time to get a full hair pleat. My favourite kind of pleat is a fishtail braid so it was an obvious choice for me. Another spritz of dry shampoo will get rid of any oily roots and add a bit of volume. Rather than taking out my original plait (and risking frizzy lion hair) I added it into my braid creating quite a chunky, messy looking fishtail.

What products are your must haves for a festival?
Have you entered the House of Fraser Challenge?

Sk:n Clinics*

About Sk:n 
Sk:n is one you might have heard of before after appearing on Channel 4 programmes 10 Years Younger and Embarrassing bodies. I'd seen it be mentioned in Elle but needed to find out a bit more about what exactly Sk:n Clinics do.
With Clinics all over the country, from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, Milton Keynes to Brighton, including 9 in London alone, Sk:n is a well established brand with medal experts offering a wide range of treatments. Not only do they provide in clinic treatments but they also sell sk:n branded products online.

Product Range 
With categories such as sensitive skin, corrective ,anti-ageing and anti-blemish Sk:n have catered to all skin types and their products, though slightly pricey, are definitely high end.
They seem to have a whole host of products that are specific to different skin needs like Anti-Redness Face Cream and Skin Hydrator for Oily Skin.
Looking through the selection of in-clinic treatments there are loads for ageing and undamaged skin but the other ones that fascinate me are Acne and Rosacea removal.

Acne Treatment
Acne must be one of the most common skin treatments that affect people of all ages. Sk:n has 2 acne treatments types, adult and teen, which is fantastic for ensuring the treatment is suited to the individual skin type. 
The Acne treatments include a package of home care products, including glycolic acid, to tackle excess oil production in combination with a course of eight microdermabrasion treatments, to exfoliate the skin and unclog pores using micro-crystals. From someone who doesn't actually suffer from bad acne the prices might seem quite steep but I'd imagine that treatments from £61 must be worth it to achieve clearer and smoother skin forever.

Rosacea Removal
This is something that's definitely in my family, my Granny has very red rosy cheeks, and though my skin has red undertones I hope Rosacea isn't something that I've got. It's quite interesting to read about it and it's clear from the description by Sk:n Clinic that they ensure that the most appropriate treatment is selected through consultation. I'd be tempted to try out some of their creams and lotions or glycolic acid facial wash would help the redness in my skin.

If you've ever been to a Sk:n clinic I'd love to hear your experiences!

What's your biggest skin concern?
Would you consider going to a Sk:n Clinic?

Outfits of the Week: July #4

Top: Primark
Jeans: River Island
Glasses: Jasper Conran
Slippers: Snoozies
Dress: New Look
Flip Flops: Primark
Flower Crown: Primark
Sunglasses: Accessorize
Vest Top: Forever 21
Kimono: New Look
Jeans: River Island
Flip Flops: eBay
Dress: New Look
Flip Flops: Primark
Hairband: New Look
Cami: Primark
Maxi Skirt: Primark
Flip Flops: Primark

Primark Haul: July 2014

I have to say I wasn't too impressed with Primark this month. A lot of the materials felt cheap and a lot of the patterns looked cheap. They also seem to be past summer and onto winter stuff in my Primark already and with the sun shining I'm not ready for big winter knits. Anyway I managed to find a few things, mostly basics but the watercolour style cami is probably my favourite.

Cami: £4

Neppy Tee: £4

Pink Dress: £10

Workout Leggings: £7

Plain Black Cardigan: £6

Flower Headband: £3

What have you bought from Primark recently?

Fitness Friday: Full Body Workout Videos

I mentioned in my recent workout wish list post that the gym isn't really my favourite and I much rather finding some treasures on YouTube to help get me into shape. I thought I'd share with you 3 of my favourites for a full body workout. It took me a while to find ones I was challenged by but also enjoyed. There's no point do a workout that doesn't push you or attempt one that you'll turn off 1 minute in and head for the chocolate. These 3 by XHIT, Tiffany Rothe and Pop Sugar Fitness are the perfect mixture of cardio and toning to tackle everything from arms to legs.

Which channels are your fitness favourites?

Benefit Brows a-go-go Review

With light blonde hair and light eyebrows it's hard to find the perfect product to help give my eyebrows some definition and shape without looking too dark, unnatural and overdone.
Benefit's Brows a-go-go was actually a bit of an impulse buy at the start of this year but has turned out to be my go-to brow saviour. 

This handy little set contains;

brow zings powder (light) 
 brow zings powder (dark)
brow zings wax 
smokin' liner 
 eye bright 
brow highlighter 
mini tweezers
hard angle/talent brush

The Brow Zings wax is definitely my favourite part of this set. It's a fantastic product, perfect colour and a little goes a long way. Fake, drawn on eyebrows aren't my style so I've left the dark Brow Zings powder untouched but the light colour has proven to be just the right shade for my fair eyebrows.

Brushes that come in products or sets tend to be useless and left untouched but I actually really like the double ended brush both for application and convenience. I like the angled side for applying the wax and 'outlining' my brows and the soft edge is perfect for filling in and adding powder.

On a daily basis I don't tend to use eye bright or brow highlighter but they're handy for travelling and I'm always using them for a night out look. The eyeliner is also one of those products that aren't essential but always good for holiday packing. 

The only thing I don't like in the set is the tweezers. I found them really hard to use, they're quite small and sharp making them hard to control. I'm sure a bit of practice they'd be handy dandy but I'd rather stick to my full sized tweezers for controlling the strays.

What's your brow style?
Are you a single product or gift set fan?

Kodak Catch Up: Start of Summer

Out for dinner, Mum getting her Links of London bracelet, my amazing main course at Rocpool, Selfie.

My favourite chicken, bacon and goats cheese salad, RIP Macbook charger, Selfie, Some pink fizz to celebrate my new job.

A cute message using coke bottles, Dad's random birthday presents, BBQ and drinks, rain doesn't ruin a summers night.

Mars bar ice cream, one of my many teacher mugs, a river walk, finding and eating raspberries.

Wish, Want, Need: Shadestation

There's no denying Michael Kors is my favourite designer brand. Unfortunately, my budget doesn't quite cover the amount of bags and watches I'd quite like to buy. It's quite nice to see a website like Shadestation with the latest Michael Kors watches at discounted prices. This Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch is absolutely gorgeous, I love the diamante details around the edge. The same can be said for the Silver and Gold Michael Kors Watch. I've already got a silver and gold watch that I find goes with any outfit because of the mixed metal. I'd love a Michael Kors version. 

Onto glasses and a bit of a cliché wish but I've taken a quite a fancy for a pair of Raybans. What impressed me, nearly as much as the price, was that Shadestation has prescription glasses as well as sunglasses. The glasses I've got just now are a few years old and need to be replaced by a cooler pair like these Rayban Prescription Glasses. A slightly bigger frame than I've got just now they're verging on "geek" glasses. Lastly these Rayban Aviators jumped right out at me. They're 15% cheaper and have a gorgeous crystal gradient. Reassuring to see they're being sold be a certified dealer too!

Have you bought anything from Shadestation before?
What's your favourite watch and glasses brands?

YSL Rouge Volupte #29 Rose Opera Lipstick Swatch and Review

For my 21st birthday I was given the most expensive and luxurious lipstick I own (Thanks Louise and Yasmin). As soon as I seen it I was amazed at the gorgeous packaging and amazing colour inside. I love that you can see the shade of the lipstick on the outside of the golden case amongst the engraved YSL logo. Perfect in case I buy another YSL lipstick!

The girls chose me a beautiful medium pink which instantly makes me think of summer, bubblegum and roses. I don't think Opera Rose is the right name for it but no one can argue with YSL.

The lipstick is very buttery, velvety and creamy. It glides on smoothly but only lasts a couple of hours because of the texture. This isn't too big a problem but puts me off wearing it on nights out that I know a lot of drinks will be involved - drunken lipstick application isn't safe!  With that being said I've never had any problem applying it, it glides on nicely, covers my lips and I've not had any experience of it bleeding. 

I've seen some people say they don't like the smell. Personally I've never noticed the lipstick to have any scent, it's very neutral and doesn't affect me when applying or wearing it.

What's the most luxurious lipstick you own?

Outfits of the Week: July #3

Kimono: New Look
Cami: New Look
Jeans: River Island
Shoes: Primark
Bracelets: Joma Jewellery and Links of London

TShirt: Primark
Jeans: River Island
Flip Flops: Primark

Top: Forever 21
Trousers: F&F at Tesco
Shoes: Primark

Tshirt: Hollister
Jeans: River Island
Flip Flops: New Look
Bracelet: Pandora

Top: F&F at Tesco
Caridgan: Primark
Jeans: River Island
Shoes: Primark

Invisi Bobble Review

I mentioned in a haul that my hairdresser had recommended Invisi Bobbles to me. She raved about how well they worked in her hair and I was excited to try them out in my hair.

The strange looking bobble makes many claims including,

It is traceless
Avoids headaches
It is caring to the hair
Wearable with all hair types
Bracelet feature

The invisibobble is a "telephone cord" shape which means there is uneven pressure on the hair allowing the hair to be held strongly without being too tight.  I can't dispute this claim. I wore my straightened hair up in a ponytail all day and was able to take it down after at least 12 hours without the usual kink across the back. In fact my hair had no line at all, I was able to wear it straight the next day.

There's nothing worse than a tension headache at the end of the day after wearing your hair up. It wasn't unusual for me to get them if I'd tied my hair too tightly. Thankfully invisibobble doesn't leave me feeling like I've had a facelift and apparently it's all to do with that telephone cord shape.

I'm not sure how caring the invisi bobble is. It doesn't have an metal which is always a good thing and I've not had any issues with them getting stuck in my hair. I do find them a little bit tricky to get out in a rush which can lead to some bits of hair getting pulled out but on the whole it's better for my hair than the cheap hair bobbles I had been using before.

I can't vouch for it being wearable with all hair types but I'd imagine my long thick hair would be one of the most testing. I can wear my hair in a ponytail, messy bun, neat bun and even fishtail braid this the invisibobble. 
I disagree with the "bracelet feature" claim, I wouldn't be walking around claiming my invisi bobble is the next stylish bracelet, and it certainly doesn't compete with loom bands. It is a water resistant and strong hair bobble, however, and darn good at its job!

Have you tried Invisi Bobbles?