Garnier Ultimate Blends 1 Minute Polishing Scrub

"Target the appearance of split ends, with the Ultimate Blends Silky Smoother 1 Minute Polishing Scrub, blended with Vanilla Milk and Papaya extract and enriched with tiny micro-beads. Use a few times a week instead of your regular conditioner, for strokably soft, beautifully smoothed hair."

I think this purchase shows just how powerful a quick little ad before a youtube video can be. Just an hour before I popped into Superdrug an advert about this new split end polishing scrub was playing on my iPad and I was quite quick to click skip ad. Fast forward an hour and it was jumping into my basket. It wasn't a total impulse purchase, I was on the lookout for a new intensive conditioner and this managed to fit the bill quite well.

With long (heat attacked and dyed) hair, split ends are inevitable and this new intense conditioner with micro beads is tailor made for long hair prone to split ends. The idea of micro-beads intrigued me and the promise of working in just 1 minute was all too tempting.
The vanilla milk and papaya scent is sweet and smells delicious. The cream is lovely and thick and the scrub side isn't too over the top or out of the ordinary. 
Obviously using this product a few times isn't going to miraculously change the ends of my hair but it does leave my hair and ends feeling smooth and healthy. 

I don't really like the packaging of this product. The squeeze tube is quite good but it's not as easy as a tub to get every last drop out. I don't like the colour of the packaging either. There's something about the shimmery peach colour that makes it look old fashioned. Quite a minor complaint to make really.

I'm tempted to check out the rest of the Ultimate Blends range, maybe the nourishing repairer or sleek restorer.

Have you tried any of the New Garnier Haircare?

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  1. this sounds really interesting, I've never heard of a hair scrub before! Not too expensive either I'll definitely keep an eye out, I've got bleached hair so anything that can improve the ends even a little bit is always a plus! xx

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