What's on my iPad mini

Since getting my iPad Mini in February I've used it nearly everyday. I thought I'd share what apps I've got on it as there are some that are downright addictive (Township) and others which I've found to be essential. Every single app that I've downloaded is free. The lock screen of my iPad is me and my boyfriend at Graduation Ball last year and the background is the sunrise in Egypt from our last holiday.

The first page of apps is all the basics. The only one I've added to this is Emojji 2.

This is my definitely my entertainment and social media page. Some are really obvious and need no explanation.

Youtube, Facebook, Netflix 
iTube - A handy app for watching music videos and they can be saved to your iPad to watch when you've got no wifi.
Sky Go
TVCatchup - I use this one on the treadmill to watch Corrie and Emmerdale as they're shown on the TV
TV Guide - An app for finding out what's on the TV.
Timehop - A good one for finding out what you were up to this time last year, or 4 years ago using social media
BBC News , Twitter 
Padgram - An instagram designed for iPads but you can't post from it, explaining why I've got the next one.
Instagram, Pinterest 
Pose - I sometimes use this for outfit inspiration but it's a bit hard to navigate.
Blogger - This app isn't up to standard yet for being able to blog effectively.
Sticky - Just like having post it notes but they can't get lost
Bloglovin - Handy for reading some blogs.
BBC Iplayer, ITV player, 4OD 

The last pages is quite a random selection and features the few games that I play.

BBC Weather - An essential for checking the weather all over the world.
Pic Collage - A handy free app for making collages
Jamie Oliver - A freebie that has yet to be used
Google Maps - A classic.
Township - I'm addicted to this game. It's a bit like Farmville but with some mining and deliveries involved.
Covet - Anyone remember Fantasy Shopper? This is just like it but American and not quite as addictive.
Campus Life - Who doesn't want their own sorority?
Guess the Emojji - A silly little game that gets you thinking
AnyList - Gotta keep organised.

What apps do you love that I've not got yet?

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