Barry M Makeup Brushes: First Impressions

Recently I was lucky enough to win the whole new Barry M Brush Set as soon as they became available on Barry M and . It takes a while to really try out makeup brushes and be able to review them thoroughly, so instead I decided to do my first impressions of the whole collection.

All of the brushes, except the travel set, are sold individually in a little plastic pouch with some cute pick packaging. They're all really affordable with the most expensive individual brush only costing £7.99. The brushes remind me slightly of Real Techniques, with the coloured metal design but remind me of eco tools with the wooden handles.

I love big fluffy brushes and this powder brush is exactly that. The bristles are really soft and flow really well. I'll definitely be using this to apply my powder all over my face. It's perfect for a light covering of face powder rather than packing it on for extra coverage. I think this brush is well worth the £5.99 - good work Barry M.

Angled Eyeliner Brush
I like the shape of this brush, it seems like a good angle for doing eyeliner accurately. The bristles aren't too stiff that they're hurt your eyes and they're not too soft that they'd be falling all over the place. There does seem to be quite a lot though, so making a thin line might be a bit tricky. £2.99 is a really good price for a good quality eyeliner brush.

Another really affordable brush, this concealer brush is much narrower and shorter than I'm used to using. It's nice and soft and seems a good size for really precise application and for concealing under the eyes. I feel like I might get this brush muddled up with the next one!

Like I said this is VERY similar to the concealer brush. The only difference that I've noticed to tell them apart is this brush has a slightly longer handle and pink section. This brush is a nice shape and really soft. The back of the packaging says it can be used to apply colour then buff and blend but personally I think it's more suitable for applying the colour but the bristles are too tightly packed to buff and blend the shadow.

I think this is my least favourite brush because I don't like this style of brush for applying liquid foundation on a whole. This brush is very soft and quite sturdy. I think I might use it as a concealer brush rather than foundation unless I find a cream foundation.

A fantastic price for a fantastic brush. This blusher brush has a lovely angle and is super soft. I'll be using this for bronzer as well as my blush as it's the perfect shape. I think this would be one of the brushes I'd recommend the most.

I thought Barry M had put the wrong name on this when I first seen it. To me this is a kabuki brush for face powder, it seems too big a brush for bronzer - I'd end up with a big orange face - but maybe that's because I prefer contouring. This brush definitely won't go to waste because I love these big soft brushes for powder and small kabukis are so easy to control.

I really like the idea of this set. I always struggle to squeeze my makeup brushes in to my makeup bag for nights away. Barry M made a good choice by including the powder brush and concealer brush but I think a buffing style foundation brush would have been a good addition. Just like the normal version these brushes are all really soft with a good quality handle.

What brand has your favourite makeup brushes?
Which Barry M Makeup Brush are you looking forward to trying out?

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