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April Empties

For me this is a classic product. I've used this for years. It's the perfect handbag product, I used to use it after PE for freshening up and now I'd use it at work to freshen up. It's lovely scented and affordable.

It was rather upsetting to twist this concealer and find out there was no more product left. I bought this just after it came out and have loved it. I reviewed it and although I didn't use it everyday it, I used it a lot and it lasted a long time. I'm tempted to splash out again.

I've been trying so many TRESemme conditioning products and this was one that I didn't get on with. I found it to be quite thin and left my hair feeling dry and tangled, not deeply treated and smooth. I'm already onto my next TRESemme conditioner and thankfully I'm getting on better with it. I'll not be buying this one again!

I did a review of these products back in October and it's taken until the start of the month to finish them up. There's a couple of reasons why it's taken me so long to use these up, 1. I have so many different shampoos and conditioners, 2. These are very thick products and cause product build up if used too frequently. I still stand by everything I said in the review and I would buy these to use again.

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