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Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Butter Review

As summer approaches I'm back to loving sun kissed, glowy skin. A good moisturiser is essential for maintaining a fake tanned look and this Soap and Glory moisturiser is my absolute favourite.

This product smells divine. It's such a gorgeous citrus scent thanks to the lime oil and cocoa nut balm. The smell transfers well onto my skin and lingers for a couple of hours. Very handy for combatting the fake tan biscuit smell.

This body butter cream is really rich but, unlike other body butters that I've tried, it sinks in quickly so there's no awkward standing about before getting wrapped back up in my dressing gown. Although it frustrates me when the cream gets stuck underneath my nails, it only takes a couple of scoops to moisturise my whole body so this tub is going to last a while! 

For such a yummy smelling, hard working Body Butter £10.50 isn't too expensive for 350ml. Soap and Glory is quite often on 3 for 2 so you can save yourself some pennies (whilst trying out even more of the Soap and Glory family).

Which Soap and Glory products should I try next?
Which Soap and Glory scents are your favourite?

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