Nivea Pure & Natural Milk and Honey Review

Nivea Pure and Natural Lip Care - £1.99

You'd think with winter out of the way I wouldn't need to use a lip balm 20 times a day but unfortunately it's not the case. I still battle with dry chapped lips and thought I'd try a new lip balm for the spring. I wanted a stick for easy application but wasn't sure which one. The Milk and Honey looked Spring-like with the yellow lid and so my decision was made.

The lip balm is light and leaves my lips feeling moisturised and glossy but has no coloured tint (although the stick is yellow) and doesn't leave any marks behind. 
It's a really strong scented product so it's one to avoid if you don't like honey or scented lip products, but it's a scent that I've grown to like.

I'm quite happy with the power of this Nivea Lip Care stick and with lots of natural ingredients and 100% no preservatives it's quite a kind product too. Thumbs up Nivea, I'll be  using this lots!

What style of lip balms do you like the most?  Pots or Sticks? Colour or no colour?

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  1. Nivea lip balm are my favourite for our Canadain winters. They are so hydrating, they help all around crack chapped lips