Colgate ProClinical A1500 Electric Toothbrush Review

For the past few weeks I've been trying out the fanciest toothbrush I've ever seen/heard/felt. I upgraded my good old standard manual toothbrush about 2 years ago and noticed a big difference in how clean my teeth were. I never could have thought that just a different toothbrush alone could make even more improvements. 

The Colgate ProClinical A1500 doesn't just have a long scary name, it's the first electric toothbrush in the UK to automatically adjust. This means depending on where the toothbrush is cleaning it adjusts it's speeds and motions. So instead of the same speed and movements for the front teeth and molars this fancy dancey toothbrush increases or decreases the strokes to suit. You can't particularly feel the difference in your mouth but you certainly can hear it. Within a couple of seconds of moving the toothbrush from the teeth surface to the gum line you can hear the pace change. I have to say when I first turned the toothbrush on I nearly ran I mile, it sounded like a tool the dentist would use but that's not a surprise considering it does 32,500 stokes a minute!

The brush uses sensitive side to side strokes for the teeth, mid-speed in and out massaging strokes for the gum line and fast, up and down strokes for the molars. With all 3 areas needing a different style for optimum cleaning it's a good job this toothbrush knows that to do! Whilst you can't choose how the toothbrush moves, you can choose from 3 modes: auto, optimum and deep clean which show up on the little LED display. 

I'll be the first to admit, without realising it, I wasn't brushing my teeth for long enough. It's easy to race around your mouth as long as each area gets cleaned. However, this toothbrush has a two-minute timer which is the time recommended by dental professionals for optimum oral health. The toothbrush automatically turns off after the two minutes so it's a precise guide for knowing how long to brush. Along with a timer the toothbrush has a 30 second pacer to let you know when to move to another area of your mouth. This is something I found hard to use to begin with my I'm starting to adapt to the little pause every 30seconds. 

The toothbrush aims to achieve healthier teeth and gums by cleaning deep in-between, removing plaque with superior surface cleaning and polishing and improving gum health. Just across the past few weeks I've definitely noticed a difference in my teeth! I've not touched the floss and between my teeth are cleaner, my gums feel fine and my teeth look whiter and feel cleaner all day. 

This clever little toothbrush has really impressed me and I've been more than happy to pack it up in the little travel case and show it off to other people. Good work Colgate.

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