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The Holiday Bid Game Review

I've just recently booked the most amazing holiday for October - New York and Las Vegas. An amazing holiday comes with a big old price tag and a lot of spending money will be necessary. This means I really can't afford to jet off in my summer holidays. I'd still love to be able to head somewhere in my 6 weeks summer holidays (the joys of being a teacher) and that's why The Holiday Bid Game appealed to me. 

The Holiday Bid Game is a website that requires a bit of tactic, skill and luck along with some money for a few bids. Once you've bought some bids you have to bid on holidays aiming to be the lowest unique bidder.

When I was given some bids* it took me a while to navigate around the website but it wasn't long until I found the main auction and was using up a bid or two. I can see it being addictive - it's got a similar thrill to ebay! So far they only have a couple of main auctions and a few mini auctions.

It's nice to see websites supporting charities and The Holiday Bid Game give 10% of their profit to the charity Maternity Worldwide. 
I'd like to see a few more holidays coming up with more flexible dates but for a new website they're doing well.

Does lowest unique bidding appeal to you?
Have you got any holidays planned this year?

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