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I've been a fan of for well over a year now but haven't had a good look at the site since Christmas, when I spent a fortune on girly gifts for others (and me). Although I might have spent a fortune buying perfume, fake tan and and beauty products for very important ladies, I managed to spoil them without spending the RRP. has an  amazing selection of top brands and luxurious beauty products at some of the lowest prices which means making a wish list is rather tempting.

I love a clarifying shampoo. I didn't realised how important they are for a healthy hair routine but since trying one I'm always on the lookout for another one. Paul Mitchel Shampoo Two is a deep cleansing shampoo from a good quality brand and one I'm keen to try out.

I've tried my fair share of fake tans but one brand that I've never tried is Fake Bake. I've heard such good things about it but just haven't ever really had the chance to buy one.
The Fake Bake 60 Minute Self Tan caught my eye for the speedy developing time. 

I'm on the lookout for a new heat defence spray and the S Factor Heat Defender looks like a goodie. I've heard good things about the S Factor range and I reckon a good quality heat defence spray might remind me to use it everyday that it's needed.

I've moaned about my current hairdryer for a while now. It cracked after only a few months but I've persevered even though it's clearly not that high quality. The fact that my hair is much longer than before and now takes 40minutes to blow dry I'm in desperate need of a new one. The GHD air has impressive claims with an impressive price tag. I'd absolutely love  to try the ghd air and £87 is the cheapest I've ever found it for so it's no surprise that it appears in a hair trade wish list.

Jimmy Choo features in my wish list for two reasons, jealousy and price. I bought this in December for my Mum's Christmas and I'm still jealous of her owning this amazing scent. Hairtrade sells this for nearly £30 less than RRP. Guilt free designer perfume shopping! 

What's on your hairtrade wish list?

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