My Pandora Story

My favourite thing about Pandora Charm bracelets is the story behind them. No two people have the same bracelet. Even if the charms are the same they come from different people, have different meanings, different reasons and are added at different times.

I got my Pandora bracelet for my 21st birthday and was given two charms at the time. These instantly remind me of my 21st birthday celebrations. Birthday charms like the present and 21 (or 18) are really cute gifts and make me instantly think of the person that gave me them.

I actually didn't buy any charms until a whole 365 days later when I got the next 4. 
My star charm adds lots of sparkle to my bracelet and I think it looks fab next to other dangly charms. It was a 22nd birthday present and actually reminds me of my job.

The graduation hat didn't join my collection during the month of my graduation but that doesn't really matter. I asked my Mum for it to represent my 4 years at uni and to remind me of my amazing graduation day which I spent with family and friends.

Next up is the cutest and probably funniest charm - a camel. This was from my boyfriend and marks the year we visited Egypt twice. We loved both holidays and went on a camel through the desert on one of them and was practically chased down the street by one on the other holiday.

Last up is a really simple charm but one I think looks really nice on anyone's bracelet. The heart charm was for my 22nd birthday from one of my friends and it reminds me, not only of her, but of the importance of friends - which is all to do with the conversations on the night I got it. 

I certainly won't be waiting another 365 days to add more to my bracelet, I'm already eyeing up the latest collections and I think I'll be treating myself more often.

Do you have a charm bracelet packed full of stories?

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