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House of Fraser Wishlist

I've got some House of Fraser vouchers burning a hole in my purse and I can't quite decide how to spend them. Normally from House of Fraser I'd buy my makeup essential MAC MSF Natural but I feel like treating myself. For most of 2013 I wore the same pair of earrings only changing for the odd day but my ears became itchy if they were made of the wrong material. I reckon a pair of Guess Earrings would be perfect to wear everyday without feeling irritated. Or maybe I should indulge in some makeup. I really fancy the Naked Basics or the Giorgio Armani Silk Foundation. Both products are highly talked about and ones I've never tried mainly because of the price. I'm not sure which I need more though - foundation or eyeshadow?
 Or I could treat myself with one of my favourite designers - Ted Baker - and get a gorgeous Ted Baker Purse. This one is simple but amazing, and would look great inside my MK bag. I'm also um'ing and ah'ing over the Kenwood Smoothie to go. I love a good smoothie but don't love washing the big massive blender that we've got in the house. Also don't like how impractical it is for one person, so really this one is perfect.

So many treats, not enough vouchers!
What should I choose?!


  1. Im loving the random blender.. apparently loreal makes all the Armani makeup and there's a low end version of that foundation :)

  2. Haha it's so random eh! I've heard that too, giving the L'oreal version a go soon :) xo