Edinburgh City Break: 3 Mobile Wifi Review

With a half term holiday in February we booked a little weekend away in Edinburgh back in December. We fancied a short break away to our favourite city, that used to be home, to unwind, relax and enjoy good shops and decent food.

The break was enhanced by 2 things - my Ocean Terminal gift card which allowed me to buy myself an iPad mini (which I've wanted for months) and the 3 Mobile Wifi* which set me on my way with my iPad.

This tiny little wifi device had me downloading apps in the car, finding directions to Livingston shopping centre and watching haul videos on my brand new wifi only iPad, as though I was sitting at home connected to my modem.
 I charged up the little device and was able to take it in the car which I thought was pretty cool, meaning I could use internet on my phone even when there was no 3G and internet on my iPad when I was nowhere near any wifi.
Even when I got back to the Highlands (where 3G doesn't exist) I was able to take my modem out to my grandparents house (who don't do technology) and show them my new gadget. I'm rather impressed.

What's your favourite city break destination?
How much do you rely on 3G?

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