Sunjunkie Instant Tanning Mousse and Spray Review

My tan from my holiday to Egypt quickly faded and by the end of November when my social calendar began to fill up with birthday and Christmas nights out I was back to my pale self. I wanted my skin to glow and for people to believe that my tan was natural and thankfully Sunjunkie came into my life just at the right time.
Sunjunkie are experts in sunless tanning with a whole host of products from home tanning to spray booth tanning, tan safe shower gel to exfoliating wipes. They've even got teeth whitening products, which I'm tempted to try out next.Their high quality products are produced in the UK and are used in salons across the country.

I'm a tanning mousse fan but after trying the spray I'm converted. I loved how quick and easy it was. Streaks weren't an issue, my only problem with me being a spray amateur I ended up with brown feet. I quickly learnt that you need to put a towel down underneath you as you spray if not you'll have a tanned floor which likes to share with the souls of your feet. Probably an obvious fact but lesson learnt!

After using both products I was impressed by the quick developing colour and the colour that was left after showering, even with a normal shower gel. I was given a bronzed colour without being obviously fake tanned and thankfully didn't have that biscuity smell to give away my secret. My new fake tan favourite which doesn't have me panicking about dodgy tans and days of prep.

Which do you prefer, spray or mousse?
Don't forget to check out Sunjunkie's products on and @sunjunkieUK


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