Soufeel Wishlist

1 -White Zircon Bracelet 
2 -Silver Bow Ring
3 - Snowflake Charm
4 - Mickey Charm
5 - Suitcase Charm

Since getting 4 Pandora charms for my birthday and 2 at Christmas, looking  for new or different charms as become a regular search online. Charms and jewellery isn't normally something that I can really afford to add into my regular splurges but thanks to Soufeel it might just become possible. Soufeel is an international jewellery store which has a huge collection of charms, necklaces, bracelets and rings at quite a reasonable price.
Though their charms aren't official Pandora, they do fit on the silver bracelets and have some added extra designs that Pandora themselves haven't got.
It's no surprise that I've managed to build myself a bit of a Soufeel wish list. I think my favourite is the Mickey Mouse charm but the snowflake price tag is rather impressive and the suitcase charm is just perfect! As for the bracelet and ring - how perfect and girly!

Have your shopped online at Soufeel before?
Do you ONLY buy Pandora charms or would you mix and match?

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  1. Aw the Mickey Mouse charm is so cute! :) I have a Pandora one just like the little suitcase one too xx