Neal & Wolf Rituals Shampoo and Conditioner Review

These are the first Neäl and Wølf products that I've used and I've been impressed. Neäl and Wølf are a professional haircare range with high quality products, in gorgeous simple looking packaging. Also before I go into detail about the actual products I have to mention how good they smell. They actually smell like a perfume and the smell lasts!

The Ritual Shampoo is essentially a clarifying shampoo. It refreshes my hair, removing build up and leaves it fresh, clean and feeling healthy. It is a cleansing shampoo so I've gone from using it every wash during the first week to just every second wash during the second week. Clarifying shampoos can be a bit too harsh and even though it's a 'daily' shampoo I don't want to risk dehydrating my hair.

I'm a bit addicted to conditioning treatments which means normal conditioners don't tend to meet my needs. I've got long hair which is extremely prone to getting into knots, especially in the shower. So I wasn't expecting to love this daily conditioner. However, the conditioner is thick, creamy, silky and actually feels like a hair mask. I was so impressed with how my hair felt just a minute after massaging it in. My hair felt smooth once out of the shower and my hair was so easy to brush through. This conditioner seems to absorb into my hair giving it the moisture that it needs and removes my normal battle of knotty dry feeling hair.
I'd highly recommend Neäl and Wølf, and I'm on the lookout to try some of their different products, maybe even go big and buy the Large Pump Bottles.

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