Best of Benefit

I love browsing Boots at Christmas time seeing all the lovely gift sets they have and adding them to my wish list. After the amazing things Benefit had to offer last year, like the Sexy Little Stowaways kit, I was quick to hunt down their new ideas.
I was instantly impressed by their Best of Benefit Set. 6 mini products for less than £25, you can't go too wrong there (Especially when they're worth £49.25). Unfortunately there was less products than last year's mini set but this year was bigger and better.

A set containing their number one selling primer, mascara, bronzer, cheek stain, concealer and highlighter it's quite easy to guess what would be inside. Similarly to last year, and quite rightly so, the set contains a fab little box of Hoola Bronzer and a generous tube of Porefessional. Without a doubt the best product in the set was They're Real Mascara. The 4g sample must be worth around £10 and lasts for ages (speaking from experience.)
I love the Boi-ing concealers as you get 2 shades making it perfect for most people whether you use one or the other, or mix both together! The Benetint and Highbeam aren't my favourite purely because they've been around so long I've already got them in my collection but the 4ml sized bottle is a decent size and actually considered to be deluxe samples.

Overall a good mixture of products, and I'm quite looking forward to taking the VIP pass to a Benefit counter for a free 'makeupper'.

Did you get any Benefit Gift Sets at Christmas?
Would you prefer to spend £25 on sample size products or on one or two old faithfuls?


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  2. I'm not a massive Benefit fan, but this is a great way to try new products out. And the price is such a bargain!

    - Tabitha at Scared Toast x