4itgirls Watch Review

There's no doubt Michael Kors watches are gorgeous but for day to day wear they're not within my budget. I wear a watch for work, where it's not practical to take out your phone to check the time. That being said I still want a watch that can catch your eye, that's a piece of jewellery almost. So it's no surprise really that I fell in love with this silver watch from 4itgirls.com. With diamantes around a big face, clear numbers and noticeable hands I was sold. At less than £30 it didn't break the bank and is a high quality stainless steel watch.

What kind of watch wearer are you? Big and bold, or small and subtle?
Have you bought anything from 4itgirls before?

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  1. ooohi love your watch :) such a bargain too.
    I really want a micheal korrs watch but sadly its out of my price range too.

    x x x