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Recent Competition Wins

Benefit Rockateur Box Powder Blush and Goodies.
I won this gorgeous blush a couple of weeks before it's release date. Benefit threw in a stick of rock and a super handy speaker. I love this blush and have reviewed it already.

Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera
I won a camera from Sony on twitter recently and it's turned out to be such a fantastic camera. That's one thing ticked off my Christmas list already!

Chamilia Bangle and Charms.
Another twitter win. It was a RT competition and I actually thought it was just for one charm from Ernest Jones and I planned to put it on my Pandora bracelet. Turned out to be a bangle and 5 charms! They're so lovely, and though it's slightly big it looks great on.

Have you had any exciting competition wins recently?

Matthew David: New Look Website

Back in May I did a post about the Matthew David salon in Mayfair London. The most luxurious salon I've ever stepped foot into with some of the best stylists in London. A lot has been happening at the Bespoke Salon and I thought I'd let you know about their new look website.

Whether you want to find out more about the man himself, the services they provide or want to make an appointment - it's all much easier to do on the new website. I love the handy little map (I'll not lie, London baffles me!) and the amazing MDTV which shows tutorials, the salon and the team in action.

Worth looking at if you fancy a hair update, want to find out more about the hair clinic service or want to train at a Mayfair salon.

Stay tuned to see the new MD product range, there's always something special when it comes to products designed by hairdressers themselves!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Review

This isn’t the first Colour Tattoo cream shadow that I’ve tried. I actually got sent the charcoal one when they first came out and I hated it. It wasn’t blendable and easy to use like all the others were being described. It was put in a drawer and left untouched every since. That put me off wanting to try any of the others but I was wrong to avoid the rest.

I finally bought one in the shade eternal gold. A much more wearable colour as either a base or on its own. This shimmer gold is easy to wear through the summer and looks good with darker gold and browns for a smokey eye. The staying power of the colour tattoos are quite impressive. With 24hr claims it's easy to assume that they wouldn't last long but they sure do stay put. There's no sliding and creasing with this cream product.

Just stay away from charcoal!

Outfits of the Work Week

Dress: New Look
Tights: Primark
Cardigan: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Watch: Guess
Bracelet: Pandora

Dress: Forever 21
Tights: BHS
Shoes: Tesco
Cardigan: Primark
Watch: ASOS

Top: Tesco
Vest Top: Forever 21
Leggings: Zara
Boots: Bank
Cardigan: Primark

Thursday (Course)
Cardigan: New Look
Top: H&M
Jeans: Primark
Boots: Ugg

Dress: Primark
Cardigan: Primark
Belt: Primark
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Primark

Collective Haul: New Look, Matalan, Etsy, Superdrug, Tesco

New Look

Maxi Dress - £4 down from £19.99 

Summer Dress - £3 down from £19.99 

Floral Dress - £4 down from £19.99




Lidl & Tesco
Suddenly Madam Glamour Perfume - £1.99 

Benefit Fake Up Concealer Review

Another complete winner, albeit hyped up, by Benefit - Fake Up Concealer. Though expensive at £18.50, it's in-line with Benefit's typical price tag. This concealer is quite a bit different from your average stick concealer. A hydrating formula packed full of vitamin E, surrounds the concealer which means you're meant to achieve a more hydrating cover up. I definitely think that's true. A smooth slick of colour that feels nourishing, hides imperfections and lasts almost all day. The hydrating gel also means adding an extra layer of concealer is achievable whatever time of day, regardless of how long the bottom layer has been on.
Lets not forget Benefit's attactive stand out packaging. The lipstick style bullet looks great, is easy to use under the eyes and on blemishes and fits conveniently in any makeup bag.

A must try product for dry and sensitive skin.

Which do you prefer, a light creamy concealer? Or a thick cover up?

Moisturising Must Have - Johnson's Baby Light Oil Spray Review

I love having smooth, moisturised skin but I'm too busy, or lazy, to lather on moisturising lotion and wait for it to dry before I can get dressed. I need something quick to use but without the compromise of locked in moisturiser. That's where the new Johnson's Baby Light Oil Spray* comes in. A lighter consistency than the baby classic and with a handy spray top, I've got babysoft skin in seconds! Even better, I can spray my whole body and be dressed within a minute - no more standing about waiting for some sticky lotion to soak in.

A lovely moisturiser post shower, an even better day to night spray. Millie MacIntosh made Johnson's Baby Oil adult famous by using it on her legs to add sheen. I've followed in her footsteps by adding a spritz across my shins before a night out. An added glow to help my fake tanned legs look a bit more natural. A summer beauty essential.

July & August Empties

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara - This is old, so old that it definitely shouldn't just be in this empties. It's a good mascara but there's better out there.
Pantene 2min Deep Repair Masque - I enjoyed using this sample and I'll probably buy it if it's on offer but I wasn't blown away.
Soap and Glory Daily Youth Moisuriser - A lovely light moistuiser, one for the summer months so I think I'll wait til next year to buy it.
Simple Moisture Booster - I love this stuff. My skin drinks it right up and it stops my skin feeling dry and tight. Super product.

Lee Stafford Hot Shots - These were very handy for on holiday and post holiday. They last for two washes if you're careful and are so moisturising. A 2 minute miracle indeed.
Lee Stafford For Hair That Doesn't Grow Past A Certain Length - I love this stuff. I don't need to say anything more about it other than one was finished in July...

Liz Earle Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash - a rich and luxurious body wash with a lovely, but strong scent. You can tell this is an expensive 'shower gel' just by the texture of the gel. A lovely body wash but out of my everyday budget so I won't be buying it.
John Frieda Everlasting Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner - These were fab. Nice scent, worked well with my hair colour and left my hair feeling soft and cared for. I think I'll be giving these a go soon.
Bourjois Elastic Mascara - This doesn't quite meet up to expectations after reading claims like 130% more length. I found it a bit wet and made my lashes look stringy rather than full and long.
Lee Stafford Hair Treatment - Another empty one. I finished one in August too. It was definitely a saviour for post holiday hair.

Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo - A lovely scented dry shampoo. This mammoth container last for ages. I'm finding the results aren't as good as they used to be though.
CK In2U - A classic perfume, that smells great. It's taken me a while to finally get round to finishing it and it's one I'd happily own again.
Lush Snow Fairy - A limited edition product that I buy each year and then never want it to finish. Gorgeous bubblegum scented shower gel that leaves a lingering scent. I can't wait until it's back in November!
Vaseline Compressed Active Fresh - Bit disappointed that this didn't seem to last as long as the big bottles. The scent was nice though and it worked well. I might be tempted to buy this in the regular version.

August Favourites

A bit late this month because I've had to wait until the weekend to take my photos but I have a few monthly favourites. These are things that have got me through my first three weeks at work and things I've been enjoying using. First up is my official favourite perfume - Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy. I've already bought a back up. It's such a gorgeous, girly scent but one I save for nights out rather than a day in the classroom. Bourjois's Health Mix Serum foundation has been my go-to foundation this month. It helps to waken up my tired skin and stays on all day, leaving a nice glow. Matched with Benefit's Boi-ing concealer my, at the moment, temperamental skin looks quite clear. The Bourjois Bronzing Primer is quite new to my collection but was almost an instant favourite. As soon as I found the perfect brush to apply it with (elf powder brush) I had my holiday glow back.  Last favpurite for my stressed out skin is the Clean and Clear Advantage Clear and Soothe foaming wash. A new wash perfectly suited to my skin type, and one I've been using daily. Review coming up soon!

I've got a few random favourites this month. After a long busy week at work I've been enjoying unwinding with a big glass of Brothers Toffee Apple cider. I've loved this stuff for years but it's taken a long time for it to grace the shelves of my local Tesco. Finally I can pop it in the trolley and enjoy it on a chilled out Friday night.
I've also been re-loving The Hills boxsets. I've got them all but so far I've watched hours and hours of episodes from the 1st two series'. 
Lastly I've been addicted to The Sims Freeplay on my iphone. I've found myself checking on my sims first thing in the morning and as soon as I'm home from school. It's a bit different from the computer version but it's so addictive!

What have your random favourites been this month?

Benefit Hoola Bronzer Review

Hoola bronzer isn't one of those 'undiscovered' products. It's one of Benefit's best sellers and one of the most talked about bronzing powders out there. Unfortunately as a student I could justify splashing out on a product that might not suit my extremely pale complexion so I just read about it and listened to it's marvel for a long time. Thankfully last Christmas Benefit released a gift set which featured 10 sample sized products and Hoola was one of them. This sample has given me a chance to find out more about the product - the colour, the scent, the staying power.
First off the sample is only 3g and has lasted for months, and barely looks touched. During the first two months I barely used it as I didn't want it to run out but for the 6 months since then it's been my go-to bronzer and one I used both for day to day looks and for a night out. Turns out Hoola is a long lasting and versatile bronzer. Even with my light skintone it looks fab, it adds some golden colour that's needed and can help contour my cheekbones slightly. The powders actually quite easy to use too. You don't have to worry about big brown lines on your face. It's pigmented but blends well. As for scent, there isn't one. There's no chocolate bronzer gimmick attached to this product.

It's one I'll be splashing out on when this sample runs out.

What's your favourite bronzer?
Do you find Benefit box powder prices too steep?