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February Favourites

So handy to make your hair last another day.

A must have for keeping a bun in place all day.

The best brush for applying foundation (that I've found so far).

I love the length and volume this can achieve without making my eyelashes look fake.

A good coverage that lasts all day.

I'm a fan of filling in my eyebrows at the moment and this has a shade that suits me, with everything in one place.


MAC Scarlet Ibis Swatch - Marilyn Monroe Collection

Are you a red lipstick fan?
What's your favourite shade by MAC or any other brand?
What skintone do you think suits red the most?

Collin Resultime Mini Facial For Dry Skin Review

 This post has been a long time coming. I received the mini facial kit* before Christmas and never found time to sit back and relax for half an hour. With all the stress of placement, and the cold weather, my skin's been having a hard time. So I decided to take some time off from lesson planning on Sunday to treat my skin - and man what a treat it was!

Step by Step: Resultime Mini Facial

1. Cleanse the face with the Anti-ageing cleansing milk, applying it with fingers and removing with water. This cleanser was lovely to use. Very soft and removed all my makeup with ease.

2. Apply the anti-ageing Toning Lotion using cotton pads. I'm a big fan of toners, just because their quick and easy to use. This one was very gentle and smelt lovely.

3. Apply Grain Free Soft Scrub to face and neck and leave for 10 minutes. I wasn't a fan of the smell of this, it was really strong and old lady-ish. It was very soft and creamy though.

4. Apply Restructuring Nourishing Mask and leave for 10minutes. I really like this mask. It was a much nicer scent and felt lovely on my skin - no tightening and uncomfortable feeling. But I didn't like that it went on clear so I wasn't sure if I'd missed anywhere.

5. Apply 5 Expertise Cellular Eye Contour Cream. This felt so luxurious and a little really goes a long way so I'll be using it often.

6. Finish with the Lipid Replenish Nourishing Cream. This claims to replace natural omega oils and transport lipids into the skin for a nourished, comfortable, soft skin. I totally agree with these claims. My skin felt great afterwards.

I received the sample kit but the products are available individually online (here) in full sizes.

I'd highly recommend these products to anyone with dry skin, though by looks of things they've got a product to suit whatever skin worry you've got. 

Have you tried any Collin Resultime products?

TIGI Foxy Curls Review

 My hair air dries quite straight but if I sleep on it whilst it's still damp I wake up with quite nice natural waves and curls. These tend not to have too much definition and need a wee bit of taming.

I got Foxy Curls* from where it only costs £6.96 instead of the £11.50 RRP.
Hairtrade has a huge range of hair and beauty products for a lot cheaper than on the High Street or in other online retailers.
The Hi-Def Curl Spray is designed to help achieve defined, frizz free, separated curls. This was exactly what I was after. It's also designed to be used on damp or dry hair. This meant I could wait and see how my hair turned out before adding product in the morning.

For the sake of the review I tried both - spritzing my hair straight after a shower and waiting until the morning and spray my unruly waves.
Both work well, but I found it a lot easier to avoid spraying too much if I did it in the morning. The spray can make your hair feel a bit sticky and crispy. This is all part of the frizz-taming and defining but just be careful not to get a bit spray-happy to avoid this. 

Overall this spray smells lovely, holds well and eliminates the dreaded frizz.
I'd definitely recommend it if you've got super curly hair or even hair that's wavy.

If you're hair doesn't curl naturally then it's probably worth avoiding as it can't perform miracles!

Have you tried any of the TIGI Foxy Curls range?
What's your favourite TIGI product?

Spark of Inspiration

Style Crush: AnnaSophia Robb

Truth be told I didn't know much about AnnaSophia Robb until I started watching The Carrie Diaries. I recognised her from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but fell in love with her hair and makeup in the new Sex and the City prequel. Since then I've noticed her in magazines and across the internet and I have to admit I've got a style, hair and makeup crush!

Which of the outfits is your favourite? Or perhaps there's a style you can't stand?
Have you noticed AnnaSophia Robb before?

Whose your style crush?

100 Day Spending Ban - Wishlist 3

Nails Inc Nails of the Day - Porchester Square and Electric Avenue

21 Facts About Me

These are everywhere just now and I knew there was no way I'd be able to think up 50 facts so didn't bother. After reading a few more posts I decided that doing 21 would be easier and still lets you get to know me a bit more.


I have an older brother who is 24.

I graduate in June and become a teacher at 21 in August.

I really don’t like driving. It’s not that I’m not a good driver I just try to avoid it when I can.

I worked as security in a car park for 3 summers.

I’m naturally blonde, just not naturally this blonde.

I learnt to play the chanter and bagpipes for years and wish I carried on.

The first time I went abroad was for my boyfriend’s  21st – to Disneyland Paris!

I had the most gorgeous black Labrador dog whilst I was growing up called Breeze.

My favourite desert is a cheesecake… everytime!

I was in the yearbook committee at high school and the grad ball committee in uni.

I was a gymnast and a cheerleader.


I’ve been on placement twice at the primary school I went to and would love to teach there in the future.

I’ve always been arty and spent most days at nursery in the busy bees doing arts and crafts.

I’m not much of a film person and would much rather watch Mean Girls for the millionth time than watch a film with too much action.

I’m going to see the WWE wrestling in London in April with my boyfriend.

I miss spending Monday nights watching Homeland and Revenge with Hutchy!

My first real concert was Give It A Name in Earls Court, 2007. Louise and I were front row for Motion City Soundtrack, Madina Lake,  Enter Shikari, Cute Is What We Aim For and Kids In Glass Houses.

I played netball in primary school and was a Wing Defence and Goal Keeper although I was probably the shortest in the team.

When I was younger I hated chips as well as cheese and gravy. Now a combination of all three is my ultimate hangover cure.

I’ve been bitten by the musical bug, I’ve seen Wicked, Shrek, Legally Blonde, Hairspray and We Will Rock You. The Lion King is next on my list.

I had a red dress for my 5th year senior ball and a blue one in 6th year. I want a pink one for grad ball.

John Greed Jewellery's Valentine’s Day Blogger Challenge

When I think of John Creed Jewellery the first thing I think of is their amazing selection of Pandora goodies. After getting a Pandora bracelet for my birthday I've totally fallen in love with their charms. They're perfect to bring back memories.
Hutchy and I have been together for 5 years this March and have some amazing memories together. What better way to symbolise these memories than with a Pandora Charm for each year.

The first charm I chose is the Love You cube charm. This gorgeous charm would remind me of the first time we met up to the day he first asked me out, when he let slip to all my friends before me. The photo is the first one we had together and the one I put in his 18th birthday frame.

The second charm is the Text Book. This symbolises the fact that we've been together since High School and nearly all the way through uni. As well as that he's been there for me through my 4 placements to become a teacher - which haven't always been the easiest! The picture is of us outside my Leavers Lunch Party at the end of 6th year.

The next charm is a Big Ben obviously to remind me of our trip to London together. We had such a lovely weekend and it wasn't long until we spoke about returning to the city. This is one of my favourite pictures of us together with Big Ben in the background. This is actually my laptop background.

The next Suitcase charm symbolises our most recent holiday to Egypt. This was my 21st birthday present and was the most amazing week I've ever had. The photo is one of us in the desert at sunset.

The last charm I chose is perfect to remind me of our first holiday together. We went to Disneyland Paris and couldn't visit the most romantic city without visiting the Eiffel Tower. We were lucky enough to see the Eiffel Tower at midnight when it sparkles. What better way to remember it than with a lovely charm dangling at my wrist.

Last up is the Bracelet. I've already got a silver Pandora bracelet but I think the black leather one is perfect for wearing each day and would look stunning with these 5 charms.
All of these charms and the bracelet come to £245 and each one is linked in case you fancy making a purchase!

If you want a chance to win up to £250 of gorgeous jewellery from John Greed you can find out more here.

Have you entered the Valentine's Day Challenge?

Quotes To Keep You Going

What quotes do you love?