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Recent competition wins

I had a bit more time on my hands at the start of January - mainly procrastinating from dissertation work and placement prep - so I found myself entering more competitions than usual. I was quite lucky so I thought I'd share some pictures of the things I got my hands on.

I won a new generation 7 Ipod Nano in the Tropical Sky Holiday twitter 12 days of Christmas giveaway. I'm happy with my ipod touch so gave this to my Dad to replace his shuffle. This is such a good iPod and really easy to navigate.

Two days later I won an ipod shuffle and sports bra in Debenhams Tuesday Treat giveaway on twitter.

I won this gorgeous Chi Chi dress from Claire's blog. It's a lovely peplum style and really high quality - very impressed Chi Chi.

Another dress win, this one's from Cherry Cherry  and I won it through twitter. Can't wait to wear it.

Have you been lucky this month?

Cynol Glow Review

Since hair oils took over the hair product world (not just in blogs) I've tried a fair few. From the cheap ones (Hello Primark) to the Oil God (Moroccanoil) and overall I've been super impressed. 
For years I wasn't that nice to my hair attacking it with straighteners and hairdryers on a very regular basis. Since getting my hands on oils I've been able to leave my hair natural as the oil removes the frizziness and flyaways.

Though Clynol's Glow is a "Salon Exclusive" the packaging doesn't feel that luxurious, but thankfully that goes hand in hand with the price tag. £15.45 is a good price for a great product. I suppose the plastic bottle means I don't mind throwing it in my handbag for an on the go fix - weightlessly!
Another comment on the packaging front - the pump. 
When it comes to hair oils it doesn't take too much to really be too much! Half a pump too much and your hair can look like a greasy mess. This pump is quite short so a full pump isn't a scary prospect.

The directions are quite straightforward and nothing different from most other oils. 
I've found that it's also quick good to use as an over night treatment (though the 'instructions' don't say it). I've tried putting quite a generous blob of oil into my hair at night, wrapping it up and washing it out in the morning. An easy quick fix!

Glow is a much thinner consistency than a lot of hair oils. That's good for you fine haired girls, but it's also much easier to use on second day hair as it doesn't weigh your hair down whilst working it's wonders - a hair oil without adding greasiness!
And finally, a hair oil that doesn't leave me running to the sink to wash my hands. Nothing too sticky.

As for the scent? A nice fresh smelling oil which isn't over powering but doesn't last long in the hair. 

Have you tried Clynol Glow?
Are you a fan of hair oils or have you discovered something even better?

Nail Art Inspiration

Clean and Clear Advantage Spot Treatment Gel Review

Being a student might seem like one big skive with the long holidays, late starts and early finishes but when it comes down to the hard work it can be quite stressful. I'm in my 4th year at uni and the end is finally in sight. This years workload has proved to be stressful for me and my skin.

My skin overall isn't too bad but for a few weeks around essay deadlines, the start of my last placement and my dreaded crit reviews my skin has been breaking out.
I've tried a few different things including the Soap and Glory Dr Spot but in the long run it wasn't fixing my problem and starting drying my skin out just a bit too much.

This on the other hand seems to be working better and quicker without removing all traces of hydration from my skin.

The claims are quite clear on the front of the tube and I totally agree that this works immediately and really does help reduce the spot.
I'm not saying you can dab a bit of this on and you'll have clear smooth skin. Rather as soon as you put it on it's actually doing something to fix your dreaded problem.
I tend to use this more at night time to give it longer to work but on the days when I'm not going anywhere and don't need to put on any makeup it's worked at turning a mountain into a molehill haha.
As for keeping the spots away? I've not tried putting this on when there isn't a spot to tackle but it would be great if this is true.

It says the gel is suitable under and over makeup, which I won't disagree with, but you need to make sure you've got enough time to let the gel settle and dry before applying makeup or you'll end up with a dodgy patch attracting attention to exactly what you want covered up. 

The only thing to be cautious of perhaps is the amount that comes flying. The nozzle-ey thing is only small but if you're not careful you'll end up with enough to cover your whole face.

Are you a fan of the Clean and Clear range?
Do you have any quick spot clearing recommendations? 

Apricot Spring/Summer Collection Sneak Peak

Apricot's Spring Summer 2013 collection launched yesterday. There's some gorgeous pieces across the different trends. Some of the colours and styles are right up my street!
From lace to soft grunge, vintage florals and 60's I think there's something that would catch everyone's eye.

Which of the pieces is your favourite?

30 Day Spending Challenge - Week 2

When I was in Egypt I felt great in the morning waking up naturally with the sun. At home it's been so dark in the morning and I've been waking up with my phone buzzing in my ear. I like to imagine these clocks would make waking up a bit less painful. Has anyone ever tried them?

Rimmel Apocolips
Blogs strike again!

Nails Inc Marylebone 3D Glitter
I've actually got a post up with swatches of this polish. I used it at my friends house before a night out and loved both the colour and size of glitters. I've found Nails Inc polishes to chip quite easily so didn't have that high hopes for this one, especially after a bottle of wine (and multiple glasses of punch). It did well and still looked good days later.

Lion King The Musical Tickets
It was just announced recently that Lion King The Musical would be on in The Playhouse in Edinburgh from October to January. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to go because I'll not be living in Edinburgh and be teaching full time by then but it starts whilst I'm on my October Holidays so fingers crossed I can get tickets some time in April maybe.

How am I coping? 
So far so good. I've been so busy with placement and all the work that comes with it that I barely have time to browse online. Some of the other things that have made it easier are competition wins and online purchases finally being delivered. If you're doing the challenge I'd love to know how your getting on.

Christmas Sale Purchases

This post as taken ages to write. I ordered stuff from Oasis just after Christmas (before my spending ban!) and it took ages for it to arrive. I ordered 3 tops, a dress and a belt but unfortunately 2 of the tops were out of stock in all shops, so this post is a bit smaller than it was meant to be.

Sequin Peplum Top £15 down from £28

Green Lace Dress £15 down from £55
Taupe Wedges £10 down from £20
(New Look)
Belt £8 down from £16

Nails Inc Marylebone 3D Glitter Swatches

A Quick Explanation: I'm a Teacher

So I've said it before on my blog but I'm currently studying Primary Education and part of the fun is placement. Placement seriously takes over my life and as I start in a school today for the next 10 weeks I can guarantee my blog will be affected. I'm not saying I'll not blog but during the afternoons, evenings and weekends that I could normally try to do some blog prep I'll now be lesson planning, assessing, reflecting, marking, researching, analysing data and creating my 'wonderful' teaching file.

Doing placement and a dissertation at the same time isn't going to be easy so placement, dissertation and blogging is going to be close to impossible. So I'm taking this time to let you all know what the situation is and to apologise if my posts aren't quite as frequent as I'd like, or they have been in the past.

Fingers crossed my placement goes well and I'll be a fully qualified teacher by June!

Get Fit Feel Epic - Fitness Without The Gym

It's one of the most common New Years Resolutions, Getting Fit or Losing Weight. Since the non-stop eating across the festive period, January always seems like a good time to clean up your lifestyle. I've never been one for the gym, and I'm on a spending ban anyway, but that doesn't mean I don't want to get rid of the chocolate for breakfast effect. reached out to Sandra (at the Black Pearl Blog and Bloggers Go Skinny) to help hold a Get Fit Feel Epic Competition (more info here) to win a FitBit activity tracker and a set of smartscales. I'm not a fitness expert so don't have any fancy fitness technology like this and would love to get my hands on them to help me along the way.

So what ARE my tools for my (hopeful) success?

I've had my Kinect for just over a year now and it's been the biggest motivator to do exercise. Whether I fancy a boogie on Just Dance or a full blown work out on Fitness Evolved it gives me the chance to get moving without getting bored. Even a half hour playing Kinect adventures burns calories (if you can drag yourself away after only 30minutes!)

Zaggora Hot Pants
Another nifty piece of technology to help you on the right tracks. These are quite talked about on blogs. Their designed with fancy celu-lite technology which heats up your body - to literally sweating point -  which helps speed up calorie burning and "literally" melt away inches.

As seen on Made In Chelsea this contraption has been around for a few years now. A lot of girls worry about using weights because they don't want to bulk up but this weight isn't that heavy which makes toning a bit more achievable. It might not seem like much work but after about 6 minutes I'm left with aching arms which seems like a good sign.

What are your secrets to success?

100 Day Spending Challenge - Week 1 Wishlist

No better black wedge than a glitter black wedge. 

This dress is gorgeous! I'm not sure if this style will still be on trend by the time this challenge finishes but at the moment I sure do hope so.

Ipad 3
This is an irrational want made no better by the number of people that got left one under the tree by Santa.

I've seen this in a few Christmas 'hauls' and thought I'd already bought it for my Kindle, gutted to find out I haven't!

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel 
One of the reasons why I'm doing this spending ban - blogger hypes. I know not many people have been chatting about this at the moment but it's one of those things I've been wanting to buy with my Boots point for the past few months.