There's nothing I enjoy more on a Saturday afternoon, next to the fire whilst watching a Christmas film (Arthur Christmas is my choice this week) than a bit of window shopping! I've been having a browse on and so many things have ended up in my basket. Unfortunately due to typical Christmas expenses I've not been able to go any further with said packed basket so I decided to add everything to my wish list instead. It's very much a Winter style wish list with black featuring regularly. First up is a Burberry inspired Heart Print Shirt. These have been everywhere since Harry Styles was spotted sporting one way back in September! Next up is a dress I'd happily wear to work, shopping or for a bit of a festive get together. The bird print dress is pretty versatile, a flattering shape and all in all quite simple. Along the 'perfect for any occasion lines' I spotted this chiffon frill top. It's a bit more interesting than a plain black top with some girly frills.
Now onto accessories. I always seem to be attracted to handbags and shoes these days! Another designer inspired piece in the form of a flap cross body handbag. This bag looks good quality, with a decent chain, without being too over the top imitation. 
Hello Louboutin lookalikes and absolute perfect night out shoes - Classic Black Heels.
Last of all is a Colour Block Handbag that really is perfect for winter. With a long strap, a short handle, a stylish shape and a real mix of colours, you can't really go wrong.

I almost left the site without spotting these cuties! Hidden amongst the gifts they've got a selection of phone cases, mostly for Samsung Galaxys and iPhones. These 3 have taken my fancy. The pink i-glow case has a handy little fold out stand which would be good for watching youtube as I get ready. The Minion Phone Case would get me major brownie points at school - it's so cute! Last favourite is a wee ducky phone case. They've got a few in different get-ups but the swimming one looks adorable.

What items seem to be reappearing on your wish lists?

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