His & Hers Gift Guide - Vivabox

Nearly every year I buy my Mum, my Dad, my brother or my boyfriend a perfume or aftershave and every year I have to keep my fingers crossed that I've bought one that they like. Fragrances are such a personal thing but are also such a fantastic gift to receive. I barely ever buy perfume and love to get a bottle for my birthday or Christmas. I think that's why I love the Vivabox so much. I got a Vivabox last year for Christmas and loved being able to try out lots of different scents and then choose my favourite one.

The Vivabox is a selection of best selling fragrances at sample sizes in a cute gift box with a perfume guide and voucher to get the full size bottle. The idea is you get to try out 7 different scents and then choose your favourite - a gift with a bit of personalisation and choice. Last year I ended up trying and falling in love with Viva La Juicy which is a scent I wouldn't have asked Santa for before. My brother and boyfriend both got one last year too and ended up with a new aftershave which would appear in their favourites post (if they were cool enough to have a blog!).

This years' boxes have an amazing selection of some classic best-sellers and some incredible newbies. The girls box has my firm favourite of Paco Rabanne Lady Million but also the latest Jimmy Choo perfume (Flash) and another Paco Rabanne scent which I've never tried (Black XS). Last year my boyfriend took a liking to Carolina Herrera 212 VIP which has returned this year (which is handy for his hand luggage to Barcelona) but he's also got the chance to try out some new scents to his collection. Seems like the Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male vial was one he was keen to try.

The voucher is redeemable in the Perfume Shop until the end of June 2015 so a gift that just keeps on giving.

Do you like to give or receive perfume at Christmas?

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