Gift Guide: Origins Merry Moisturiser Set

Boots has some of the best gift sets at Christmas time and this one stood out to me right from the start. I had my fingers crossed that Santa would notice it and I was lucky to receive it for my birthday, a month earlier than Christmas.
The set contains 4 products:

Drink Up Intensive Overnight hydrating mask 50ml
Make A Difference Rejuvinating hand treatment 50ml
Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvinating treatment lotion 50ml
Make A Difference Plus+ Skin rejuvinating moisturiser 50ml.

On offer for less than £30 the set is cheaper than buying an Origins moisturiser on it's own.  Even at full price it's worth it to get a lotion, hand cream and highly regarded face mask.

I hadn't tried any of these products before but I'm already hooked on the Drink Up Intensive over night mask. I've got quite dry and dehydrated skin but using this has meant the winter hasn't caused too much problem yet. Each product is a really good size so it's not like some sets where you only just start to use them and the products have already run out. 

A highly recommended, premium skin care set at not so hurtful prices. Perfect for Origin fans or for someone who deserves to treat their skin.

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