Area H2O Healthy Hair Challenge

For the last 2 weeks I've been taking part in the #AreaH20HealthyHairChallenge. My usual shampoos and conditioners were ditched and replaced by the Area H2O shampoo and  conditioner for coloured hair in soft water areas. 

There's a lot of science behind these products which react with the water with which you wash your hair in. There are three different water types which depend on where you live. Living in Scotland I've got soft water running through my shower which has a sodium content that doesn't combine with the soap film in the shampoo properly and therefore doesn't rinse off very easily. Metal ions are present in water and form mineral deposits when they react with shampoo. Hair H20 is a magnetic style shampoo to ease the washing process and get rid of these nasty mineral ions and deposits.

It's really fascinating stuff and gets even more fascinating when you use it and see the results for yourself!

When I first began using it my hair was much more tangled and I really wasn't sure if I wanted to continue. I embraced the challenge and battled on but decided to read a bit more about the sciencey stuff to see if was doing what it was meant to be. I was reassured that the rougher feeling was all because my hair cuticles were opening up and washing out mineral deposits. By the second week the tangly, dry feeling was no longer there and real results were starting to show.

The biggest improvement in my hair is how clean it feels. Gone are the days of using dry shampoo to pull off a second day hair style. My hair feels like it's just been washed on the second day and I've even been able to pull of leaving my hair unwashed on the third day. It's been an amazing time saver and also helps improve the condition of my hair as there's a lot less washing, drying and styling being done. Sorry dry shampoo but you've been made redundant since discovering Hair H2O!

I've also seen improvements in shine which can be quite a mean feat for blonde hair. I feel like my hair looks healthier and feels healthier and that's without piling on the intensive conditioners 3 times a week.

After the 2 week challenge I've kept on using both products and still have loads of product left. The shampoo is very concentrated so a little goes a long way which makes it rather good value and with a lot less washing I'll be using these products well into 2014! Thank you Area H2O for letting me take part in this challenge and for reducing my hair washing time, hair styling time and hair product bill.


  1. Wow, I want to live in a soft water area so I can try this! Really great results :) xxx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels

  2. They've got one for hard water and medium water areas too, I'd imagine they'd have just as good results! xxx