Sleep-In Rollers Review

I've had my set of Sleep-in rollers and hairdryer hood for almost a year now and it remains a firm favourite for a Saturday pamper session before a night out. After a lot of hype on Twitter and YouTube my Mum bought me the 20 roller set with hairdryer hood for Christmas. I have to say I'm glad I got that kit because I just don't have time for my rollers during the week because I get to school for 8am. Saying that, I've given it a go a few times over night and obviously it wasn't the most comfortable nights sleep but it's not impossible! 

The rollers are easy to do and my favourite method of getting volume. Once you get used to how big a section to be and how tight to pull it into place it's quite quick to do. The big velcro rollers are fab, they lift my hair at the roots and give the 'blowdry' look at the ends. The smaller rollers are more suited for achieving a bit of curl but unfortunately I have too much long, thick hair for the 10 small curlers in the set. I hate drying my hair but LOVE the hairdryer hood. It's quite a convenient way of get my hair dry all over and I don't have to hold onto the hairdryer for 2ominutes. 


  1. i really want some of these as my hair NEVER has volume!

    zofia xo

  2. I have the Lauren's Way rollers that are quite similar to these and I love them. I wish I had a hairdryer hood, that looks amazing! xx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels