Benefit: How to Look the Best at Everything Review

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation 
Boi-ing Concealer 01/02
Hello Flawless Powder

I love Benefit but sometimes I can't justify the price tag (They're Real Mascara, I'm looking at you). I do like their gift sets though, for trying out the products and finding out which ones are worth the cash. A flawless complexion is something I'm always trying to achieve so I gave this one a go.

The kit contains 4 products, a brush, a rather big mirror and some application info.
The primer consists of a standard 'deluxe' sample size of POREfessional and one that lasts quite a long time. The foundation looks a bit daunting but it's not that orange once it's on, though I still think a lighter shade would have been better in a light kit. It's a good size to try out, I used it all week and still have loads left. The combination of 01 and 02 Boi-ing is great for mixing and getting the right shade. The powder is simple and great. For once I actually liked the brush which came with the set, soft and handy.

Such a handy set for on the go, it's got all the base essentials. All I added to my makeup bag was a bronzer and mascara and I was set for my holiday makeup kit.

Are there any Benefit sets you love?
Do you prefer splashing out on one product or getting a few minis?

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