Tigi Bedhead Extreme Straight Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Another Hairtrade.com treasure, who needs to rake around TK Maxx for a bargain when you can save over £7 on these 2 Tigi Bed Head classics?

I've tried a few Tigi products, many for helping add curl to my hair but recently I've preferred having my hair looking straight and sleek. With naturally quite straight hair I could go without the straightners but suffer from frizz. Both promise to help out of control frizz and aid straightness with a smooth finish.
Both shampoo and conditioner have a thick creamy texture which means attention to rinsing is essential to achieve the perfectly clean feel and avoid the greasy, too much product look. This creamy duo are quite impressive at protecting and improving the condition of my hair. An added heat protectant is a nice bonus and the frizz control is definitely noticeable.

I don't think I've ever smelt a shampoo or conditioner which smells like sweeties as much as these two! An extreme scent of sherbet if you've got a bit of a sweet tooth be careful not to be tempted to have a nibble.

Okay, so it didn't miraculously straighten my hair any further (quit a tough feat) but it did leave my hair feeling smooth and healthy. I highly recommend it but don't forget to add in a clarifying shampoo every so often to prevent build up.

Any other TIGI classics that you recommend?

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