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October Favourites

This was in my last favourites and I've been loving it even more so this month. I didn't expect to be going abroad and getting a tan so didn't have time to buy a darker foundation to match. I've been using this all over my face before foundation to darken it up and help match my slightly tanned freckled face.

After getting bored of the same concealer I gave this concealer a go and love it. A high coverage, blendable concealer perfect for under my eyes and on blemishes.

I was able to use this perfume a lot more after receiving a huge bottle from my parents. This rich scent is amazing for transitioning into fall.

7 of my days in October were spent in the sunshine so there is no doubt that my holiday to Egypt would appear in my favourites. I'd highly recommend Thomas Cook for flights and Red Sea holidays for both the service and hotel.

One of my favourite things about going on holiday is getting the chance to read my kindle wihtout feeling guilty. When life is so hectic I never feel like I have time to read but I loved being able to read over 5 books in such a short space of time.

White Zinfandel
Though I had a huge selection and far too many cocktails on holiday the not so pleasant rosé wine reminded me how much I love a glass bottle of Gallo White Zinfandel. Perfect for a night in watching X factor or a girly night out.

What have your favourite been this month?

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  1. I work in the perfume shop and Lady Million is SO popular - everyone always asks to test!

    lovely post!
    zofia xo