Collective Haul - eBay, Strawberrynet, Sallys Beauty, Duty Free, New Look

I've been wanting to try a beauty blender for a while but missed out on all the cheaper variations so when I found it on ebay for less than £1 delivered I had to give it a go.

I ordered these after they were compared to the more expensive gold collagen masks. I bought these for only 99p, though the price has gone up now, for 5. I've tried them once already and really enjoyed adding it to my pamper night.

Borghese active mud mask has been well reviewed by many bloggers but I didn't feel like I could justify the £50 price tag. Thankfully Strawberrynet had a much cheaper alternative more or less because it wasn't in a glass jar.

Sally's Beauty Supply
I had to go to Sally's to buy some Barbicide for my Mum for work and I had a quick look around myself. I resisted buying any nail varnish, even though some of the Christmas gift sets look amazing and just bought a back combing brush.

Duty Free
 My parents are just back from their holiday in Tenerife and they were lovely enough to bring me back a huge 80ml bottle of Lady Million. This perfume is gorgeous and a big favourite in the winter months.

 New Look

£6 down from £17.99
I suppose this light pink colour isn't perfect for Autumn/Winter but I really like the simple bow print design. This is perfect for wearing to work or with jeans for a dressy/casual outfit.

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  1. i need to try a beauty sponge - I'm not sure if i'd like it though...
    Lady Million is such a popular perfume isn't it - I work in the perfume shop and everyone loves it!

    lovely post:-)
    zofia xo