Moisturising Must Have - Johnson's Baby Light Oil Spray Review

I love having smooth, moisturised skin but I'm too busy, or lazy, to lather on moisturising lotion and wait for it to dry before I can get dressed. I need something quick to use but without the compromise of locked in moisturiser. That's where the new Johnson's Baby Light Oil Spray* comes in. A lighter consistency than the baby classic and with a handy spray top, I've got babysoft skin in seconds! Even better, I can spray my whole body and be dressed within a minute - no more standing about waiting for some sticky lotion to soak in.

A lovely moisturiser post shower, an even better day to night spray. Millie MacIntosh made Johnson's Baby Oil adult famous by using it on her legs to add sheen. I've followed in her footsteps by adding a spritz across my shins before a night out. An added glow to help my fake tanned legs look a bit more natural. A summer beauty essential.

A quick, convenient, easy to use, moisturiser for only £2.95, what's not to love?

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