Skinetica Review

I don't suffer from acne but my dry skin sure doesn't like to treat me with the frequent blemish. I've tried quite a few spot treatments, normally in gel form but I've never come across one that was quite like Skinetica.

If you've got sensitive skin this is definitely the blemish treatment for you. I would probably describe this as the kindest to skin treatment I've used, which is most likely due to it's ingredients or lack of. I've got dry sensitive skin and the harsh chemicals in most spot treatments begin to dry out my skin further and so even if they clear up spots they can begin to make my skin aggravated and not look nice. I've been able to use Skinetica twice daily on my skin and not have any side effects.
The only downside is the results aren't instant, but then again what blemish treatment is?!

As I've said Skinetica is different from my usual go-to spot treatment. It's a clear toner-like solution which is easy to use. The only downside is that it's not as portable as a tube of gel as cotton pads are needed but they do have a handy 15ml sized bottle which I took on holiday and it was perfect for my 2 and a half weeks away!

I'm glad I've finally got a gentle product that I can use without making my skin sore, it literally feels like I'm using water on my skin and the only thing that give it away is the slight smell of the solution (and the fact that my skin clears up!)

Have you tried Skinetica? 
Do you get any different side effects from acne treatments?

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