Scaredoo Hair Brush Review

Scaredoo 2 in 1 Hairbrush

Scaredoo is a brand new company and hair brush design that I stumbled across on twitter.  Their all in one professional hair brush was released in June and I was lucky enough to be one of the first to try it. 

The first thing I noticed was the name and logo. I love the little faces in the logo and it totally reminds me of when my Mum would tackle my long hair after a bath. Straight away I can see this suiting both children and adults. I know I'd have liked the pink one (what am I saying, I still would!) but it's also available in purple, blue and yellow. 
The thing I like most about the black one is that it's opaque so you can't see the other side of the bristles but I suppose the transparent ones are quite handy to know that there are 2 sides to this brush.

The Scaredoo is a bit different (to the obvious comparison the Tangle Teezer) as it's a 2 in 1 brush. The first side is the anti-tangle brush which you can use on wet or dry hair. I love these types of bristles, they work really well at tackling the knots that my hair seems to get in as soon as I enter the shower. This side of the Scaredoo has quite sturdy bristles of 3 different sizes in rows. These are great for working their way through knots and tangles.

Then flip it over and use the paddle brush side to finish off your look. I love the pink bristles on this side and they're designed for styling rather than detangling. Pretty nifty and so easy to flip and fix into place!

It's a really good size - it fits perfectly in my hand, doesn't take too long to brush all of my long thick hair but isn't too big to throw in my bag. It says it's got a non-slip texture but I'm not too sure, the edges are matte whilst the middle is shiny so it all depends on how you hold it because I still feel like there's a chance it might go flying out my hand in the shower.

Overall it's a good brush whether it's for styling or detangling - thumbs up Scaredoo! Are you an anti-tangle or paddle brush person?

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