Moneysupermarket £50 Road Trip Challenge

I chose to head south (lets face it it’s the only direction I could go by car) and spend a day with my family  at the Black Isle Show yesterday. Scotland has some fantastic traditions during the summer months from Highland Games, Galas and agricultural shows. The Black Isle Show is one of the biggest in Scotland, has been running for over 170 years. I've made the 200 mile round journey to it a few times as it's such a good day out and I decided it was the perfect road trip adventure to take again.

The road down is a fantastic, scenic route – no dual carriageways or motorways here! The winding roads are surrounded by open fields on one side and the coast on the other. Unfortunately the weather decided not to be on our side. Not only did it rain from the second I woke up but the fog and mist also came down thick and fast. I barely got any photos from the journey there or back, at one point we could barely see the car in front of us nevermind the beaches and fields around us. 

Thankfully the weather didn't dampen our spirits too much, though it did dampen my clothes right through (we had to detour on our way home to buy a full change of clothes!). It was nice to spend time with my parents and brother, have a look around the stalls, animals and food tent. I seen some dancing sheep, sampled some raspberry vodka (mmmmm!), ate lots of food from the burger van things (as you do), watched a man carve a piece of wood into a giant bear and helped my Mum start her Christmas shopping at the craft stalls.

All in all a grand day out! Thanks Money Supermarket.

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