Maybelline Baby Lips Review: Pink Punch

Baby Lips Lip Balm

Maybelline's Baby Lips have been around in America for well over a year and must have been the most talked about lip balm. Who knows why Maybelline decided to keep their 'must have' product restricted to the US but finally this Summer Baby Lips hit the UK's stores. I stopped myself from buying the whole set and opted for the pink one - Pink Punch.
This one smells incredible and reminds me of Fanta Fruit Twist, is SUPER pigmented and is really hydrating. I think this is going to be my lipstick alternative. My lips didn't feel like they were drying out and the colour stayed on for hours. It's quite cool that there's SPF 20 in the product as it saves you having to apply more than one product. For £2.99 it's a rather impressive product, and it's quite obvious why it was so talked about in the States.

Have you got any Baby Lips yet? What's the next flavour on your wishlist?


  1. reallly want to try these xx

  2. Love Baby Lips! The 'cherry me' one is also really good!
    Laura xx

  3. Any idea when this comes to the rest of Europe? :c

  4. They are so pretty ! I love the name of them