Face Mapping

Just before I started my new job my skin starting acting up. I was super stressed as I tried to take in as much information as I could, whilst organising my classroom and plan lessons for the 28 expectant 8 year olds that were about to enter a new class with a new teacher. Obviously I was stressed and assumed the blemishes - which seemed only to increase regardless of what cleansers and treatments I used - were as a result. But I decided to research a bit more into face mapping to find out exactly what these blemishes meant.

The face is divided up into 14 zones. Each zone corresponds to a different system in your body and breakouts in different areas can be caused and helped by different things.

Zone 1 and 3: The Digestive System
A diet with high amounts of fat can cause breakouts across your forehead. Increased intake of water and green tea can help clear these blemishes. A reduction in fatty and sugary food is also key to combatting this problem.
Zone 2: Liver
High levels of alcohol and diary can cause problems in zone 2. However, blemishes here can also be caused by food allergies and intolerances.
Zone 4, 6, 8 and 10: Kidneys
Blemishes in these zone are often caused by dehydration. Increased water consumption with a reduction in coffee and salt can help rehydrate your body and battle these blemishes.
Zone 7: Heart
Another area realated closely to your diet. Increasing fruit, vegetables and omega rich fish are essential for a healthy heart and a clear centre of your T zone. Be careful of dirty makeup brushes close to this area due to the dilated pores in zone 7.
Zone 5 and 9: Respiratory System
Smokers may find they are acne prone in these zones but they are not alone. It's thought that increased fresh air can help clear breakouts on your cheeks.
Zone 11 and 13: Hormones
This is exactly where my skin broke out and is a big problem for a lot of women. Stress and hormonal imbalance can cause breakouts below your mouth. Clean eating and exercise can help.
Zone 12: Stomach
Rich, heavy foods are the cause of these spots. A cleaner diet, increased fibre and exercise can help your bodies digestion and in turn help clear up this zone.
Zone 14: Illness
If you get spots on your neck it's likely that your body is fighting against bateria. Plenty of water, rest and a healthy diet help your body.

Were you aware that breakouts on your face had different meanings? Do you suffer from reoccuring blemishes in the same area?


  1. what an amazing post ! i always suffer from them in zone 12 so at least i know now what is causing them !!

    thank you so much !! :)

    melissa ( shadowandpolish.blogspot.co.uk)


  2. That is super interesting!!! I remember reading something like this before and it seems quite true!!! x

  3. thank you!