No7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Makeup Wipes Review

No7 Quick Thinking Wipes
(30 wipes) £7

I've got dry and sensitive skin so I try to avoid makeup wipes because I find they tend not to agree with my skin. But when it comes to taking my makeup off after a night out there's normally no way I can take out the cleanser, toner and moisturiser before falling asleep. Thankfully No7's Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes are there to help me out.

These hypo-allergenic wipes do a great job of removing my makeup without stripping my skin of moisture. My skin doesn't feel tight and sore when I use these wipes like it does with others so it's quite rightly marketed at sensitive skin types. I wouldn't go as far as saying they moisturise my skin but I like how soft and fresh my skin feels after using them.

Another bug-bare I've got most cleansing wipes, other than the stinging sensation, is how quickly they dry out. When I'm only using wipes on a Saturday night once or twice a month they can quickly dry out if the packet isn't closed properly. Thankfully No7's packet has a lid that clicks closed, keeping the moisture in the packet and the wipes.

Each wipe is quite large. It only take one wipes to remove my full face of makeup and the layers of mascara that cover mine and my fake lashes. Unfortunately I find £7 just a bit too much for 30wipes so I stick to buying these on 3 for 2 or when Boots has their No7 vouchers. If you've never given these a go before I recommend trying them out during one of those promotions.

Do you fall victim to avoiding your proper skincare routine after a night out?


  1. These sounds fab! I need to try these! I tend to use the simple ones when I need a good face wipe, but there new textured wipe freaks my skin out a bit. I might have to try these and see if they are as good :)

    Sarah | Some Sparkle and Shine

  2. They look great !