Colours of the Rainbow Tag Collab

This tag has been on the go for a few months now but instead of doing it by myself I'm doing it with 6 other girls, whose links are at the end of this post. So instead of choosing a product for each colour we each got assigned a colour and had to choose 5 products! It was a bit of a challenge but I was quite lucky and got red. I've gone for  5 different types of product.

I love using this mattifying powder for a night out. It adds loads of texture which helps add volume to my hair without needing to backcomb it. 

Red packaging rather than red product, but this foundation is one of my favourite. It's a light-medium coverage foundation which totally helps to brighten up my skin with a healthy glow. A must have for people with dry skin!

This is one of those products that has been around for years and still doesn't get boring. I remember having these in my school bag when I started high school and the scent is still a favourite. 

This is a must have nail colour for Christmas time - a gorgeous red with metallic shimmer.

 MAC Scarlet Ibis
Last but not least, probably the most obvious product to choose, a red lipstick. This is a limited edition MAC lipstick from the Marilyn Monroe collection and it's the most gorgeous orange-red.

 Don't forget to see the products that the rest of the girls picked:

If you've done this tag feel free to leave the link below!


  1. Love the post! I still need to try the healthy mix foundation, I'm so behind!

    Thanks a lot for taking part,
    Zofia xo


  2. i love the look of the mac lipstick

  3. I am obsessed with that Osis+ powder! Definitely one of my favourite products, great post! x

    Hollie ~ From Eden

  4. Love the bourjois healthy mix foundation, another mac lipstick on my to buy list xx

  5. I've been wanting to try the bourjois foundation for ages but I don't know if it would for with combination skin! That lipstick is to die for! Red lipsticks are just something I am obsessed with ! :)