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Bioderma Review

When my boyfriend and I booked a trip to London the first thing I thought was "there must be somewhere I can buy Bioderma there". Bioderma has been raved about across blogs and youtubes for months and I was desperate to try it after hearing how good it was for dry and sensitive skin. Thankfully I found a bottle from John Bell & Croydon just off Oxford Street.

Bioderma is a makeup remover which seems like it's just water, except it takes my makeup  off in a flash. It only take one or two makeup pads for my skin to be clean and refreshed without the stinging, dehydrated and tight feeling some other makeup removers can make my skin feel. This ultra-mild micelle solution is perfect for eye makeup and sensitive skin and as a result has taken over as my daily cleanser/toner. After I've used Bioderma I dab my skin with a towel to try it off, apply my moisturiser and I'm good to go. Effortless skincare! 

I seem to be going through the bottle really quickly (obviously this photo was taken soon after I bought it) but I suppose that's because I use it twice a day. I'll definitely be repurchasing it but this time it'll have to be online. Possibly from escentual to keep delivery prices low.

Have you jumped on the Bioderma bandwagon yet?

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