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Colours of the Rainbow Tag Collab

This tag has been on the go for a few months now but instead of doing it by myself I'm doing it with 6 other girls, whose links are at the end of this post. So instead of choosing a product for each colour we each got assigned a colour and had to choose 5 products! It was a bit of a challenge but I was quite lucky and got red. I've gone for  5 different types of product.

I love using this mattifying powder for a night out. It adds loads of texture which helps add volume to my hair without needing to backcomb it. 

Red packaging rather than red product, but this foundation is one of my favourite. It's a light-medium coverage foundation which totally helps to brighten up my skin with a healthy glow. A must have for people with dry skin!

This is one of those products that has been around for years and still doesn't get boring. I remember having these in my school bag when I started high school and the scent is still a favourite. 

This is a must have nail colour for Christmas time - a gorgeous red with metallic shimmer.

 MAC Scarlet Ibis
Last but not least, probably the most obvious product to choose, a red lipstick. This is a limited edition MAC lipstick from the Marilyn Monroe collection and it's the most gorgeous orange-red.

 Don't forget to see the products that the rest of the girls picked:

If you've done this tag feel free to leave the link below!

Collective Haul: New Look, H&M, Benefit & TK Maxx

You can't go through duty free without a cheeky makeup purchase. Benefit's How To Look The Best At Everything set is usually £25.50 which isn't too bad for the products that you get inside but I got it for £21.50 and it turned into the perfect makeup kit for on my holiday.

H&M had quite a big sale on and they seemed to have just dragged everything back out on to the shop floor so it took a bit of raking to find this simple little dress. It was only £10 down from £24.99. I thought it would be perfect for wearing to work but I think it's going to need a safety pin in it because the neckline is quite low.

Another teacher dress. This photo doesn't do the colour any justice. It's a gorgeous purple colour and only cost £11.69 after student discount which is a perfect price for an outfit for work.

God knows I don't need anymore makeup but when I seen some of the bargains that the little makeup stall in the Metrocentre had I couldn't stop myself. It was the Maybelline Falsies mascara for £3.99 that caught my eye first. The £1.99 eyelashes looked really nice quality so I thought they were worth a try and the nail varnish and highlighting concealer by W7 were both £1.99 as well so I didn't break the bank.

When I got my iphone I wanted a case to keep it safe until I got the chance to buy a nicer one online. I didn't want to spend a fortune on it as I knew it would just be getting replaced and boy what a challenge it was. I finally found this sparkley one in TK Maxx for only £2.99 - Bargain!

Outfit of the Day: FDavenue Maxi Dress

Dress: FDavenue*
Cardigan: Primark
Sandals: New Look
Bracelet: Pandora & Tunisia

Thankfully after a few days of rain, thunder and lightning the sunshine returned on Saturday so I threw on my trusty maxi dress from FDavenue for a day of shopping and chilling out in the garden. The sun wasn't quite sure if it wanted to stay out from behind the clouds so I wore my new orangey coral cardigan, which doubled as the perfect amount of colour.

I've always loved a maxi dress but hadn't worn any casual ones until this year. Most casual ones are quite straight fitting rather than cinched at the waist and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pull it off but this one fits really nicely, isn't too clingy in the wrong places and is really comfortable to wear all day. Being a shorty (5" 3) I wasn't sure which size to choose but the S/M is the perfect length and size.

What outfit do you rely on for days when the sun decides to shine?

Kodak Catch-Up #15

Edinburgh Zoo: Monkey, Penguin Parade, Sleepy Panda and Tiger.

Tunisia: Pool, Beach, Ready for dinner, Wine Tasting after a trip to the market.

Ready for dinner, Happy 50th Birthday Dad, Ice Cream, Preparing for the start of term.

Chaise Longue Boutique - Dream Dressing Room

For the first time in 4 years I'm not packing up all my belongings to head off to a new student flat and so it's the first time in 4 years that I've not had to think about how to redecorate and accessorise a new room. So when Chaise Longue Boutique contacted me about their dream room competition it wasn't long before I was dreaming up the perfect, girly dressing room. 
Because it's not a room I'll have while I live at home (and would only be lucky to have when I do get a place of my own) my inspiration was lacking. It suddenly dawned on me how perfect my blog layout was for a dressing room interior. The colours, the textures, the chandelier... my dream dressing room is all influenced by my very own blog.

I couldn't choose an item from Chaise Longue Boutique without it being a chaise longue!! The have the most amazing, girly, luxurious collection and it took me ages to pick out that exact one. What I love most about that one is the shape and it set the ball rolling for the rest of the furniture that I chose. Both the dressing table and the stool are from Chaise Longue Boutique and continue on the light and feminine theme. 

The chandelier is key and sets the glamorous tone. With the gorgeous silver panel screen adding more glamour and decoration. 

It wouldn't be my room if it wasn't for a bit of pink! I used pink, lighter than my usual fuchsia favourite, like my blog layout to inject some colour and add a bit of my personality. The photo frame is perfect to sit on the dressing table, filled with a photo from my graduation or grad ball no doubt, and the two pillows are essential for the chaise longue. The lace throw pillow has elegance whilst the pink throw pillow adds some character.

Lastly the mannequin which couldn't look more perfect! It ties the whole room together with a touch of pink, lace, shabby chic wood and lastly the girly glamour of the dressing room.

What would your dream room be? Where do you get inspiration for decorating from?

Graduation Day

Primark Haul - July 2013

Chain strap vest £5

Black top with detachable necklace £9

Lightweight vest top £3

Leopard print top £3.50

Crossbody bag £8 

Black pumps with bow £6
Nude studded pumps £8

Orange/Coral Cardigan £4.90

Leather style sleeved mac £25

Graduation Ball: Outfit, Hair & Snaps

Dress - Local Boutique
Shoes - Miss Diva
Clutch - Treasure Box
Bracelet - Pandora
Hair - Halo Hair Extensions curled with BaByliss Wand