Silky Sexy Hair Conditioning Styler Lite Review

Silky Sexy Hair
Lite Conditioning Styler for Fine/Normal Hair
(150ml) £7.85*

After trying the Sexy Organics shampoo and conditioner (review here) I was quite eager to try some more from the Sexy Hair range. Hairtrade has loads of the products and their all at a reduced price from the RRP so it was quite difficult to choose. I opted for the conditioning spray from the Silky range because I frequently need to use conditioning products on my long, dyed, heat attacked hair.

It's marketed at fine/normal hair but I certainly wouldn't say it's limited to those hair types. Mine is verging on thick hair and I really like this spray. Because it's for fine hair it's lightweight doesn't leave your hair greasy as easily. I've put it to the test by using it on my roots after getting out of the shower (I've got to help my tangle teezer some how!) It doesn't weigh my hair down and helps condition. Overall, it's fantastic for adding softness to otherwise dry or brittle hair. 

I can't finish this review without a comment about the scent and packaging. Standard SexyHair product by the smell of things- it's delicious! I love the purple/silver combo of the extremely skinny bottle. Much bigger thumbs up than the brown organics. The spray seems to work well, but if you don't leave enough distance the product can come out like a creamy rather than a light mist. 

Have you used any products from the Sexy Hair range?

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