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Photobooth Photos*

Back in September I joined the grad ball committee and finally it's just around the corner. 

Throwing a party or event is so much fun, though at the same time, it's so much effort. If you are the hostess (or the committee in charge), it's your responsibility to see that everyone has a good time, which can be a lot of pressure. You have to supply food, drinks, music, and you also have to make sure the party gets photographed properly. One of the great pleasures of going to an event is looking back at the pictures afterward. That's what we have to remember. Our photos are what document our lives. You can do the standard photographer doing the rounds and making portrait shots of everyone, but now there's a new way of doing it, and that's with a self directed photobooth for guests from a place like Treasured Mems. With a photobooth you will surprise your guests a little but with something fun and different and your pictures of the night will show your guests enjoying themselves, which is something great to look back one. 

We've decided to have a photo booth at our graduation ball to inject some extra fun into the celebration. To give people the chance to have a laugh and create amazing memories with people we might not see for a very long time. There are plenty of other things to worry about in throwing an event, so it's good to know that you have photos taken care of. We don't have to worry about what the background looks like, the lighting or even added extras like props. The photobooth has it all covered and we're all guaranteed to have a fantastic night!

Well Done Class of 2013!

Have you been to an event with a photo booth?
What's your favourite photo booth theme or prop?

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