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Neutrogena T/Gel Shampoo Review

I don't have overly greasy hair, I tend to be able to wash my hair every second or third hair (with a little help from dry shampoo every so often) but with the amount of products that I use I sometimes suffer from product build up - and greasy hair as a result.
I've been trying out different shampoos that are designed to deep clean hair getting rid of product build up. T/Gel shampoo has been mainly marketed as an anti-dandruff shampoo but it's a great clarifying shampoo.

The brown shampoo doesn't look very appealing and the scent is quite strong, through not too unpleasant. It doesn't take much of the gel-like shampoo to really get your hair and scalp clean. I can't comment on the effects on dandruff but it definitely tackles greasy hair from the first use.

It might not be the prettiest looking shampoo but for the price and the results it's worth overlooking.

Do you have a different shampoo that you use for a deep clean of your hair?

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