Benefit They're Real Mascara Review

Possibly the most talked about product by Benefit? They're Real mascara has been so widely talked about, being described as the perfect mascara by many but unfortunately this doesn't come cheap. I put off buying it due to the price, even with all the rave reviews, and wish I hadn't.

The mascara wand is great for reaching all your lashes, even the teeny tiny ones. With a ball of bristles on the end along with a not too big straight wand it's quite easy to use. The mascara is quite wet but not so bad that you get black marks all over your lid.

There's no denying my eyelashes look totally transformed and even better they managed to stay like that all day with no smudging and no flaking. One coat looks quite impressive and perfect for everyday. Two coats starts to add volume to the length and that's when it starts achieving the false lash look. I was really impressed with the results especially as there's no clumping but plenty of length and volume - it's not often you can achieve both and not have spider lashes.

Dramatic length and volume? Check
Base-to-tip curl? Almost
Visible Lift? Check
Long- Wearing Results? Definitely

The only downside is it's a nightmare to take off. Don't think you can hop in the shower and have no mascara by the time you come out, you just end up looking like a panda with stubborn black circles. You definitely need a waterproof eye makeup remover for this one.
But I still think when this sample size mascara runs out I'll be splashing out on a full sized version, begrudgingly handing over nearly £20.

Do you love They're Real?
Is there any rival mascaras that don't have as much hype?


  1. Wow this looks great on your lashes. I still haven't tried it, its still upstairs in the packaging! I'm trying to be good and wait until my current mascara has run out. x

    1. I'm awful at waiting for my mascaras to run out! This was one of those ones that I just HAD to see if it was as good as everyone says xx

  2. I received a sample of the Benefit They Are Real Mascara with my Elle Magazine last month and still haven't gotten around to reviewing it. I must agree that it made my lashes look amazing!

    1. That's where I got mine too ;) a fantastic mascara! x

  3. I got the sample of this from a magazine last month, and I've loved it ever since! :)
    I usually use a thinner mascara first then use this to bulk it up!

    1. Ahh I might try that, thanks Danielle :) x